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nature camp

Four Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend a Nature Camp

Summer camps can be fun and rewarding experiences for your kids, as well as a great way to keep them occupied while you are at work. While you can probably find a wide variety of indoor camps throughout Ottawa — like art and museum programs, LEGO camps, Vacation Bible Schools and other activities — there is something magical about an outdoor camp.

From preschoolers to teens, nature has a profound impact on children of all ages. Here are four reasons why you should send your kid to an outdoor nature camp.

It gets them off the grid

Technology like iPads and smartphones are not inherently bad by any means, but many kids and teens are glued to them non-stop. Signing kids up for a nature camp will ensure they unplug for awhile and reconnect with the world around them. Even the most amazing video of a thunderstorm on will not replace the opportunity to watch the lightning strikes across the sky, smell the unmistakable aroma of an impending rainstorm and cuddle up all safe and warm inside a tent while Mother Nature shows off her handiwork with a summer storm.

It inspires curiosity

Contact with nature can simultaneously calm kids down while exciting their senses. There’s something about getting out into the woods or other parts of nature that encourages kids to think about the natural beauty that surrounds them. From wondering what kinds of trees are at the campground to wanting to explore and check out the bugs that make the area home, an outdoor camp experience can be the perfect classroom. Being in the great outdoors can also be a wonderful way to lift your child’s spirits — if you notice that your tween or teen is acting more glum and would rather text his or her friends than interact with the family, a few days with plenty of fresh air and sunshine can help recharge their emotional batteries.

It encourages physical activity

Instead of sitting at a table making crafts for an afternoon at art camp, signing your kiddo up for a nature camp will guarantee plenty of physical activity. Whether it’s a day camp or a sleepaway program that lasts a week or more, outdoor camps typically involve a lot of hiking, outdoor games and moving around. To help make sure that your kids have the supplies they need to have a safe and fun time at camp, go shopping together either online or in person while outdoor gear is on sale, that way you can save on needed equipment like a tent, sleeping bag and flashlights.

It allows them to try new things

Outdoor camps can gently encourage kids to get out of their comfort zones. By having the chance to try new activities like hiking, fishing or learning about survival skills, your child might come home with a new passion or hobby that they can continue to pursue with you and/or their siblings and friends. The safety of the camp and friendly encouragement from camp leaders can inspire your kids to branch out and explore more of the world around them. In turn, conquering these new experiences can foster a sense of self-confidence and pride that will last a lifetime.

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