New Children’s Book Will Captivate All Ages


Michelle Freemark’s first book has a timely, powerful message.



Emerald’s Big Discovery

Imagine if you were a red crayon growing up in a family of green ones? That’s the premise of Emerald’s Big Discovery, a new children’s book by Michelle Freemark. Although the illustrated storybook is geared to the 3-8 age group, its themes—self-discovery, self-acceptance and tolerance—are universal.

“It’s timely,” says Michelle, a first-time author who lives in Almonte. She’s right. Given that’s 2016 Word of the Year is xenophobia, fear of the other, this captivating story and its messages couldn’t come at a better time. Odds are older siblings and grownups will be just as taken with the uplifting, self-affirming tone of Emerald’s Big Discovery.

The bonus? Since the price tag is $12.99, it’s an affordable and meaningful gift you can share with the young people in your life. Whether they’re preschoolers starting to decipher words, preteens coming to terms with their identity or youngsters of any age trying to figure out their place in the world, this tale from the land of make believe will hit home.

The book launch party is this Thursday, December 15, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Dandelion Foods.

“There are so many kids who struggle with fitting in,” Michelle points out. “This is about discovering your gifts, embracing them and loving yourself how you are.”

How the book came about is another interesting story. “Two years ago, I was lying in bed and this story showed up. It came to me completely finished, with a beginning, a middle and an end,” the writer explains. “Really, I wasn’t thinking about crayons.”

The story stuck with her. “I tried to ignore it and it wouldn’t go away, and I couldn’t stop talking about it.” Instead, she wrote it down and decided to publish it as a book. To that end, she connected with her niece Jessica Hamilton, a graphic designer whose illustrations bring this story to glorious, multi-coloured life.

Now the books have arrived and they’re available for purchase. You can get copies at Dandelion FoodsWee Bee Growing Again and Soul Scents in Almonte, Apple Cheeks and Bonanza Kids in Carleton Place, The Arnprior Book Shop, and A Sense of Country in Renfrew.

If you’d like to meet the author and get autographed copies, you’re welcome to attend the book launch party this coming Thursday, December 15, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Dandelion Foods. Emerald’s Big Discovery is also for sale on Etsy at





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