New Mom? Embrace Your New Curves


Take Time for Yourself This Holiday Season … And, Whether You Go Our or Stay In, Celebrate Your Sexy Self

Stay in or go out? Just because you’ve become a mom doesn’t mean that eternal question gets any easier. Here’s your guide for feeling and looking sexy, whether you stay in with your besties or go out (guilt-free!) with your babe. Flaunt your new figure with these hot-mama tips.

With the Girls

Stay In: A night in with your besties can help break the baby-talk habit. Have an in-house painting and wine party or host a diva night. Pick up a few childhood-favorite board games like Girl Talk, Mall Madness or Pretty Pretty Princess (hello 1990s). You’ll laugh so hard, you’ll cry.

Cook together or ask everyone to bring a bottle of wine from a certain region and do a tasting. The point is to come together and connect over something other than the joys and trials of motherhood.

Leggings and a big, comfy sweater equal the ideal outfit for lounging around and cooking with the girls. Don’t forget to pick up a few extra aprons for your besties so you can all make a mess in the kitchen together without ruining your perfect cable-knit.

Go Out: The first few nights out post-baby can be tricky. You want to be super comfortable (this could go on until the wee hours!) but you also want to look ridiculously cute. Invest in shape wear that not only slims you, but is comfortable and stays put. You don’t want to be tugging on it all night! A flattering V-neck is your best friend while your two lady friends are larger than usual. The V elongates your neck and defines your waistline. Skinny jeans are great if you have a good pair, otherwise you can always opt for the wide leg/high-waisted retro trend for fashion drama with a forgiving shape and waistline. Comfy biker-style boots will make you feel edgy, modern and comfy. And if you can find a great pair of wedges that hug your arch and have an ankle strap for extra support, you’re golden. Add fun accessories like a statement necklace or chandelier earrings and a plush satchel or carryall to complete the look. Enjoy the free time and dance the night away!

With Your Partner

Stay In: No matter how young or determined you are, sometimes that maternal instinct gets together with your sleep deprivation and plots against your best laid plans for getting out of the house. Embrace it. You’ll be stuck at the soccer field or swim lessons and aching for your couch and DVR soon enough.

Make staying in satisfying with a truly special dinner and movie date. The secret to making this night different is to actually set the table, light a candle, even consider dining alfresco. Anything to change up the routine, put down the phones and turn on some sexy music. Wear some undergarments you feel good in. Add a flowy dress that skims your hot-mamma curves, and pair with bombshell wavy hair. Shoeless is pretty sexy for this look, but lace-up sandals or knee-high boots also work for extra easy sex appeal. Bonus points for building a blanket fort next to the couch with some dining room chairs and watching a movie in sleeping bags.

Go Out: Shake off the week and mommy woes in a great LBD. Great shape wear and a classic cocktail dress will make you feel fabulous. Pair with black heels that fit your arch. Throw on some red lipstick and take him out! Revisit the first place you met or try somewhere neither of you have ever been. If you feel like a million bucks and smile your best mega-watt smile, he’ll be dying to figure out what you’re up to.


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