Obesity and Kids

Over 24 Percent of all Canadian Kids are Overweight or Obese
Are yours at risk? 
The No-Diet Obesity Solution for Kids, a new book by Miriam B. Vos, M.D., offers a diet-free solution

Do you have a child who struggles with weight? Chances are you do. In Canada, one in four children has been classified as being overweight or obese. This very controversial topic has many of our country’s leading health care professionals pondering the various approaches to prevent and manage some “weighty” issues with our youth. Dr. Miriam Vos, a nationally known pediatric gastroenterologist, has seen the value in implementing three research-supported changes geared towards obesity management and prevention. These changes include: reducing sugar, increasing physical activity and preparing family meals at home. This book is a great resource and is truly deserving of all parents’ attention. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained by learning and understanding the elements forming this unhealthy trend – a problem that is so much more than food. Unlike most other literature on childhood obesity, The No-Diet Obesity Solution for Kids focuses primarily on the child’s health and sheds light on innovative ways to create a positive and healthy relationship between your child, food and overall activity levels. The University of Ottawa Heart Institute Health Education Centre Advisor Program recommends this book.

The No-Diet Obesity Solution for Kids
Miriam B. Vos, M.D., MSPH
AGA Press
ISBN 978-1-60356-004-7

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