Odyssey Theatre at Strathcona Park

Eight local youth have taken over Strathcona Park. As Odyssey Theatre apprentices, their mission is to explore the world of Ottawa’s professional masked theatre company. And they’re also helping Odyssey present a new production called The Financier (Turcaret), starting July 24.

Every year, Odyssey Theatre offers this unique apprenticeship opportunity for 14 to 21 year olds. It’s a chance for the city’s youth to spend the summer learning the ropes of theatre production. The program allows them to learn through expert mentorship and to gain hands-on experience within the company.

Participants have the chance to participate in mask and physical theatre workshops run by company actor Mark Huisman, and technical production workshops taught by local designer and teacher Lynn Cox.

Dana Uzarevic, general manager of Odyssey Theatre, says: “It is exciting for us to see youth learning new skills and enjoying the magic of theatre both on and off stage. Our truly unique program offers them a well-rounded learning experience and plenty of summer fun.”

This year youth apprentices will be working on Odyssey’s 28th season. The Financier (Turcaret) is a comedic fiasco that explores Turcaret, a loan shark and a tax collector, whose sly dealings catch up with him. Cash-hungry swindlers prey on each other and only the most single-minded, the most cunning, and the most charming will survive.

Performances run from July 24 to August 24, Tuesday through to Sunday, at 8 p.m. Pay-what- you-can matinees will be held Saturday and Sunday at 3 p.m. (excluding opening weekend). All performances take place in Strathcona Park.

Tickets can be purchased for $9 to $24 online through OdysseyTheatre.ca, by going to Eventbrite.ca, by phone at 613-232-8407, or by email at boxoffice@odysseytheatre.ca. Tickets will also be available at the door for $26.



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