Ottawa Champions baseball action


by Stephen Johnson

There is something about baseball that lends itself perfectly to a warm summer evening.   The pace of the game seems to go hand-in-hand with eating peanuts and enjoying good conversation.  Recently, my son David and I were able to enjoy a game between the Ottawa Champions baseball team and a team from the  Dominican Republic.

On our way to the ball park, it looked like rain might interfere with our fun.  By the time we arrived, the skies were clear and it was time to play ball.  The Champions jumped to an early lead scoring three runs in the first inning.   It is fun to watch baseball with David now because he is more interested in the game.



After a few innings, it was time for our third inning hotdog stretch.   This is generally the time David likes to get a hotdog.  The prices at Champions games are reasonable with certain nights even offering one dollar hotdogs.   David enjoyed his hotdog and we took a stroll around the park.  Your admission gives you access to any unoccupied seat. We tried multiple seats to try and catch a ball but none worked

Considering the Champions were playing a team from the Dominican Republic,  it was only fitting there was entertainment from the Dominican between innings.  Dancers dressed in colorful costumes showed off their moves dancing to Dominican music.  I loved the idea that baseball acted as a bridge between different countries and cultures. 

The Champions had the game well in hand so we decided to make it an early night.   As we were leaving, David ran into the Champions furry mascot, Champ. High-fives were given and we got a couple of great photos with Champ. 


The Champions will be playing until early September so there will be plenty of time to catch the action this summer. For more details, visit,

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