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For me,  there are a few things in life that are perfection.  Coffee and a cinnamon bun,  Christmas with my family and watching an outdoor soccer game on a beautiful day.   While Christmas is still months away,  my family and I enjoyed an Ottawa Fury FC soccer game on a picture perfect spring afternoon.

We arrived at Lansdowne Park about an hour early to soak in some of the pre-game atmosphere.  Our son, David,  is not the biggest sports fan but does like a good party.   The Fury drum corps and the colorfully dressed fans caught his attention.   He also checked out the bouncy castle and slide which are a part of every Fury home game.

We found our seats and looked forward to seeing the Fury take on the Miami FC.  The first thing I noticed were the vibrantly colored uniforms of Miami.  Sporting a pastel blue and bright orange,  I thought I was watching a rerun of Miami Vice. 

Ottawa Fury FC soccer 

The uniforms did not seem to help Miami and the Fury carried most of the play.   I was pleasantly surprised to see that David was really enjoying the game.  He has turned into an amateur photographer and wanted to capture the first game.   He was soon rewarded when Ottawa scored in the twenty-fifth minute. My wife, Sandy, joked all the best players were from South America as a Brazilian had scored the goal.   All of the action had made David work up an appetite so we treated him to a hot dog.

The second half was more of a defensive affair as Ottawa protected their lead.   In extra time,  Ottawa scored a brilliant goal taking the game 2-0.  David had taken over one hundred photos during the course of the game.

The best part about the redeveloped Lansdowne Park is that your fun does not need to end once the game is done.  We made our way over to the kids play structure where dozens of children were having fun while parents sipped their coffees.

After David had burned off some excess energy,  we were ready for something to eat.  With multiple restaurants and food choices at Lansdowne, it was hard to make up our minds.   We decided upon Whole Foods grocery store as they had delicious tacos for a good price.    

All in all, it was the wonderful spring afternoon.  The Fury won,  we had a great time at the game and left Lansdowne with a full stomach.  Just as I said, perfection.

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Ottawa Fury FC soccer

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