Ottawa’s Got Talent: Megan Landry’s first album

You’ve probably already heard of Ottawa’s Megan Landry. Definitely one to watch, this 19-year-old is prodigiously talented. Not only is she a multi-media design student at Algonquin college, she’s also a videographer, photographer, musician, writer, artist. And she recently released her first album, STILLS — a 12-track, two-year collection of indie pop. And it’s gorgeous. 


Here’s Megan’s bio, as published on SoundCloud:

“I’ve been playing piano since I was four, self-taught up to age nine then got lessons, and wrote my first song when I was 11. I was a bit of a weird kid (still am). I seemed always drawn to things that allowed me to be an individual. It always stemmed from creative outlets — like drawings, poems or songs. I never liked math and science much because it’s so black and white. Your answer is either right or wrong. I discovered art, music and writing had thousands of different shades of gray in an otherwise black and white world. There was no solid ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ I realized that there’s more to learning than what you get out of right or wrong answers. The more I did my own thing, kids started to look at me differently. They’d notice me for the pictures that I drew and the songs that I wrote, and that was the best feeling in the world. I broke away from the norm, and since, I’ve never looked back.

Expressing myself is the entire purpose of being an artist. Making a point, sharing opinions, shaking sense, primping feelings — it’s all part of it. The instruments paint the emotions and the lyrics paint the story.”

Check out STILLS. It’s pretty amazing.

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