Ottawa’s Little Leo Big Star on Instagram

Little Leo


Ottawa can claim its fair share of celebrities, and you’ve probably heard of them: Alanis Morissette, Dan Aykroyd, Sandra Oh, Little Leo …


You don’t know Little Leo? Let us bring you up to date on the lifestyle of one of the capital city’s famous sons.

This one just happens to weigh six pounds and have four paws and a tail. Nevertheless, he has fans around the world.

Those chocolate-brown eyes? That touchable hair? The suave outfits? Squint and you can imagine you’re seeing photos of George Clooney, with extra facial hair. (If you’re a Chihuahua, a Shih-Tzu or a Miniature Schnauzer, that is.)
In fact at age three (today!), Leo is a Morkie, a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and a Maltese. And he’s a 100 per cent, total star on Instagram, the popular social networking platform that involves photo and video sharing.

Although he doesn’t weigh much more than a brick, this adorable, personality-packed bundle of fluff has over 155,000 followers. His Personal Assistant has graciously agreed to answer some questions on his behalf.

Little Leo

Happy 3rd Birthday, Little Leo!

Can you tell us about yourself, Leo?

I was born and live in Orleans and I went to my forever home when I was eight weeks old and weighed just 1.8 pounds. I live with four humans and I love to cuddle with them. Although I’m small, I protect the house and my family at all times.

Besides Little Leo, I have a few other nicknames: BooBoo, CooCoo and BeeBee.
I am allergic to poultry and beef, but can tolerate pork, so I am on a home-cooked diet and my family cooks me delicious meals every day. Sometimes they even BBQ pork for me. I love popcorn, pizza crust and Parmesan cheese as treats.

How and when did your Instagram account come about? 

My Instagram account began in November of 2013. It was a way for us to connect with other dogs around the world and see cute dog photos.

Leo, you have over 155,000 followers on Instagram. That’s amazing. How did this happen?

When we first started the account, we never imagined we would have this many followers. We noticed the numbers kept increasing and it just took off.

 What kinds of connections have you made through your IG account? 

I have made many great friends from all around the world. Every day we get to connect, share our dog photos, and give each other great tips about food, treats, training, and so forth. I have also had the opportunity to become affiliated with some great dog and animal companies.

How would you describe your Instagram dog community?
It is amazing. We all support each other. For example last year I had a bit of a health scare. I was quite ill, and we found out I was allergic to poultry and beef. When I announced this on my Instagram account, I received incredible support and advice from other dog accounts that had experience with food allergies. The IG dog community is very supportive in numerous ways; I feel really lucky.
What sorts of gifts have you received in the mail?

In the IG dog community, we love celebrating dogs’ birthdays. For my birthday last year I was lucky to receive cards and gifts, including clothes, toys, treats, bow ties, and hats that I love wearing. I also got toys, treats and clothes for Christmas this year.
Any interesting stories to share?

I am very quiet and cuddly most of the time, but I hate it when the doorbell rings. I go crazy because I do not like intruders in my home and nothing can calm me down until I know everyone at home is safe.

I also have a special toy, a plush fox toy, that I have had since I first came home in 2013. Every night I bring the fox up the stairs by myself to bed, and every morning I bring the fox back downstairs.

What’s the best thing about being @LittleLeoTheMorkie

I get to put a smile on people’s faces every day.

Little Leo

Naturally, Little Leo is a Sens fan.


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