Bubble Bamboo Wraps

Bamboo Bubble Wraps are a silky smooth, natural and luxurious alternative to the original muslin Bubble Wrap. Made of bamboo sourced viscose, they are generous in size, versatile, lightweight, durable and babies love their soft silky texture. The Bamboo Bubble Wrap come in a range of stylish colourful designs and can be equally well used to swaddle your little ones or as a favourite comforter. Also, given the tighter weave of the viscose fabric, the Bamboo Bubble Wrap makes the perfect cover-up for breastfeeding mums, providing greater privacy than traditional muslin wraps.


Bamboo is a sustainable, environmentally friendly crop which breaks down into viscose fibre. This can then be woven into a soft and naturally luxurious fabric that drapes like silk, has a subtle sheen and a durable softness that fashion designers, discerning parents and babies around the world are falling in love with.

Cool Wazoo

Cool Wazoo is a revolutionary multifunctional product that incorporates a high-tech material on the inside that works as a surface that repels heat, a large diaper changing pad, restaurant high chair cover, car seat cover, grocery cart cover and bucket swing seat insert. It’s a 5-n-1!


  • Large size that accommodates all babies and toddlers, yet folds up compactly for easy transport in your diaper bag or purse
  • Flat, one-piece design quickly and safely transforms into a swing insert, diaper changing station, car seat protector and restaurant high chair/shopping cart cover
  • High-tech interior material reflects heat back to its source to reduce surface temperature of swings and car seats
  • Large round shape of the changing surface helps to keep baby from rolling off
  • Offers a clean spot for parents to kneel when changing baby on the ground
  • Velcro straps prevent babies feet from getting tangled when removing them from high chairs, swings or shopping carts
  • Extra long life thanks to high-quality materials that resist breaking down even with heavy use
  • Easy to wipe down with a damp cloth or simply toss it into the washing machine
  • Forms a pocket for storing wipes and/or diapers
  • Water resistant
  • Retains its shape even with multiple washings
  • CPSIA certified: does not contain lead or phthalates and is PVC free
  • Mildew proof and water resistant

Gro Anywhere Blind

Portable blackout blind for when it’s still too light to say night night! Anyone who has stayed away from home with little ones will know that it can be tricky to create a snoozy sleeping environment when there is too much light flooding in. The versatile Gro Anywhere Blind has been designed to ‘go’ anywhere with you, and can be put in place in minutes. Attaches directly to the glass using suction cups, ensuring a close fit that really does block light properly.


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