PS4 Games You & The Kids Will Like

Perhaps you’ve already given in to your kids’ request (more like begging and pleading) for a PlayStation 4, or you’re contemplating buying them one for the holidays. Most parents have at least some concerns about their kids playing video games—we all want it to be fun and have substance, but we don’t want it to be too violent. Fortunately, there are entertaining and educational PS4 games on the market that will help you feel good about your purchase. Here are three options worth considering:

Skylanders Swap Force

Beyond the pricey investment in the starter pack, which only comes with three characters, Skylanders Swap Forceis a fun-filled action game. Your child will be acting as a Skylander, a good guy with one mission in mind: to protect society from evil. Your child needs to use problem-solving and team-building skills.

  • Problem-solving: Which character combinations are ideal to accomplish objectives and overcome challenges? Players are tasked with mixing and matching various Skylanders and testing them out to answer this question.
  • Team-building: Players can collaborate with one another through online forums or face-to-face interaction to devise their strategies.

An important consideration: Your little one may grow bored with the starter pack and request additional Skylanders, since they are needed to unlock select bonus features in the game. However, be aware that it is still possible to successfully finish the game without the added characters.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Although the game is filled with battles between your favorite Lego characters turned superheroes, it’s also educational for a number of reasons. Among the skills developed while playing this game are critical thinking, problem-solving and team-building.

  • Critical thinking: Not every obstacle can be overcome with a straightforward solution, so players must brainstorm potential solutions or turn to online searches for assistance from others.
  • Problem-solving: Whether it’s searching online or seeking guidance from others players to overcome an obstacle, children are developing problem-solving skills.
  • Team-building: Select tasks on the game must be delegated for successful completion.

According to Common Sense Media, “This a great game for kids, their friends, and perhaps even their parents to play together on the couch.” So, your children can engage in fictitious combat minus the bloodshed and develop pertinent skills along the way, and you’re welcome to join in on the fun.

Lego Movie Video Game

This game bears a striking resemblance to “The Lego Movie” and centers around the main character and his battle with an evil businessman. Throughout the game, players are encouraged to use their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Creativity: For Emmett to surpass challenges and progress to the next level, he must tap into his creative side. Your children will need to let their creative juices flow so they can figure out nontraditional ways to execute pertinent tasks.
  • Problem-solving: Emmett is immortal, but he must solve puzzles and complete challenges in the game to complete the mission. On the bright side, the game is designed for all players to win, so your children shouldn’t get easily agitated.

Walmart carries these games in addition to an assortment of other PS4 games. The site also contains reviews if you’re interested in the experiences of other users.

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