Rain Rain Go Away!

It's the middle of summer holidays, the kids are off from school and the rain starts to fall. Easily keep the “I'm bored” complaints to a minimum with some of these rainy day activities:

Put on a Show—Get a group of kids together to stage a play or talent show. Try providing a theme and access to scraps from the attic, that'll be enough to spike creativity and get the show started.

Enjoy the Rain—Try a different approach when it's raining cats and dogs…head outside. Break out the boots, raincoats, layer on the socks, and step outside for some fun in the rain! Splash in the puddles, twirl the umbrella and stretch the vocal chords with “Singin' in the Rain”. Enjoy some soup or a nice cup of hot chocolate afterwards.

Teach Your Dog New Tricks—Who says you can't teach your dog new tricks? Keep your pet and child busy by introducing new tricks the family pooch. Reward pet and child with treats.

Bring Outdoor Games In—Bring your favourite outside games inside by blowing up some balloons and play keep-away or 'volleyball'. Also try using paper fans to play table tennis. Simply use the fan to blow the balloon across the table past an opponent to score a point.

Get Your Game On—Don't forget to stock the toy shelf with indoor games and toys that will keep kids entertained on their own. Try introducing a handheld gaming unit like the PlayStation Portable. With games like LittleBigPlanet, Toy Story 3 and MLB 11: The Show, this product is guaranteed to satisfy every age and interest.

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