Ready For School to be Over!

By Crystal McLeod

It is now getting to that time of year where I am pretty much tired of the school routine! Who’s with me?

I am slipping on making my daughter’s lunch the night before, and often find that I am scrambling in the mornings now making something up, grabbing whatever I can to throw in. I also find I am making the same thing over and over, and forgetting the variety that I was choosing back in September or October.

I have the luxury of being a work-at-home mom, so I only have to worry about waking up in the mornings and getting my daughter on the school bus between 8:15 and 8:30 a.m. and taking my son to daycare two days a week. But even that is getting harder and harder to do!

I find myself almost every morning hitting my snooze button numerous times. I’m thinking “Maybe I will shut my alarm off, let us all sleep in and drive my daughter to school.” It never really happens cuz I drag myself out of bed, even if I’m running a few minutes behind, and get my daughter up and ready to go.

I find I am also dreading it all lately, because I am not the only one NOT wanting to get up and get going in the mornings. My daughter is a lot like me in the fact that she likes to sleep in, and she shows it to me every day. She seems to also be tiring of the school routine.

Alas, we still have a month left of school. One more month of making lunches. One more month of waking my daughter up, grumpy with me for doing so, to get her going and on the bus. One more month!

I am looking forward to the less structured days of summer when we don’t have to rush anywhere or follow any routine! Although, ask me a couple days after school is over….and I will be telling you I am ready for school to START again! 😉

Crystal is a work-at-home-mom to two beautiful little children and a wife to one! Together with her family, Crystal resides just outside of the nation’s capital in the Ottawa Valley. Not that moms get a lot of spare time, but when she does, Crystal is busy as a co-founder of Ottawa Valley Moms and you can find her corresponding daily with their followers via social media outlets.

Never a dull moment doing the most important job there is – raising your family!

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