Road Trip Survival

Doing the classic family road trip this summer? Yay for you. This handy checklist will help you pack smart and get off to a good start.

Take It

-Identification and/or passports.
-Money, credit and debit cards, and/or traveller’s cheques. (Plus more money.)
-Cell phones.
-Toiletries, sewing kit and pocket-size stain remover.
-Clothes to wear for dress-up,if it’s cold or raining or when it’s 33 degrees in the shade.
-Sturdy shoes for lots of walking.
-Hats, towels, swimsuits, flip-flops sunscreen, and bug repellent.
-Books, games, paper, pencils, crayons, cards and techno-gadgets to keep the younger set occupied in the car and elsewhere. (Set a limit on the number of action figures allowed in the vehicle unless you want to wind up renting from U-Haul.)
-Blankie or beloved stuffed animals. (It’s okay for the kids to take them too.)
-First aid kit, including (lots of) headache medication, pain relief, antiseptic, bandages, tweezers, scissors, anti- diarrhea medication, antacid, medicinal relief for nausea and vomiting, a flashlight and a blanket.
-Car treats, including bottled water, juice and healthy snacks.
-A box of tissue for the car and perhaps a bag or two for garbage, plus all the little fishy crackers and cheerios that wind up the floor. (Don’t forget the barf bags.)
-Duck tape in three colours.
-A smile and your sense of humour.
*Make sure you have a handle on that GPS before you head out.
**Think veeeery carefully before opting to take the dog. Fido’s going? (See barf bags, above.) 

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