Eight Simple Ways to Get Great Photos of Your Kids

1. Create a relaxing atmosphere. Nothing will guarantee worse photos than putting your child in an awkward pose or forcing a smile. Showing interest in the things they like and photographing them doing these activities will create more genuine, authentic photos.

2. Mood allowances. Never attempt to take photos when your child is in a bad mood, hungry or overly energetic.

3. Get outdoors. Enjoy Ottawa’s many picture perfect locations. Get outdoors and have some fun, snapping great action shots along the way.

4. Get down. Move the camera around and try different angles. Shoot from above, through an object like a slide or tunnel at the park, and get down on your knees or your tummy to capture the world from your kids’ perspective.

5. Avoid the sun. “Photographing anyone in the blazing sun can not only create harsh shadows on faces, but could also result in squinting and some not-so-flattering facial expressions,” says photographer Danielle Bernier. Cloudy days, early mornings and evenings provide the best lighting conditions.

6. Choose natural surroundings. While pictures of babies in a basket look incredibly cute in the Anne Geddes calendar, photographing them in their natural surroundings — lying on Daddy’s chest, snuggling with big sister on the sofa or drifting off to sleep in their bassinet — create more genuine photos that you will treasure forever. “Trendy props will come and go, but capturing the intimate family moments as they happen will be the memories you cherish the most,” says Danielle.

7. Remove distractions. If your child’s favourite movie is on television in the next room, you will likely end up with a bunch of side-of-head shots. Remove any distracting items that take away from your subject. Throw dirty socks in the basket before shooting your kids in that space. Even though it may be a great photo of your child, the socks will distract your eye and it will always be “that picture of the dirty socks.”

8. Keep snapping. The more photos you take, the better your chance ofetting that perfect shot. Thank you, digital!
Compiled by R. Legault.

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