School Daze

Five Habits that Ruin a School Year

1.Oversleeping/not getting enough sleep. Students of all ages need sleep. Research has shown that during sleep, the brain files and stores information learned throughout the day.

2.Poor nutrition. Food is fuel — the better the quality, the better the performance. If children eat a sugary breakfast, or skip breakfast altogether, they run the risk of performing poorly in school. Without proper nutrition, students can become tired and lose focus. Students should focus on their teacher, not on their rumbling bellies.

3. Too much screen time. Televisions, computers and cellphones are distracting to students. Mounting evidence is showing that multitasking is not as good as was originally thought. When students try to do homework, accessing the Internet doesn’t necessarily improve their ability to work, and it can detract from their ability to focus on a single task for a period of time.

4. Procrastinating. From social lives to family responsibilities and extra-curricular activities, students can be tempted to leave homework until the last minute. Too many distractions, not following a schedule, or not using an agenda can put homework on the bottom of the priority list. According to, students can avoid last-minute scrambles and late-night cram sessions by making schoolwork a priority.

5. Not getting help. One of the biggest mistakes that students make is waiting too long to seek help. Often it takes a call from the teacher or a failing grade before students seek support. At that point it takes more effort to correct the problem than if a student had asked for help at the “I’m-not-really-understanding-this stage.”

Compiled by R. Legault.

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