How many times have you wished you had one less bag and ten more pockets? And not just pockets but pockets that are designed to hold all your essentials – from tablets and phones to passports, keys and cameras – with no bulges. The SCOTTEVEST even has a patented way of wiring all your electronics right into the garment. No more fiddling with headphone wires!

Despite the ability to carry as many items in a SCOTTEVEST Travel Vest as in a typical carry-on, SeV clothing does not count as an extra bag, allowing air travelers to double their carrying capacity and avoid extra bag/carry-on fees entirely.

SCOTTEVEST is the only clothing line engineered to reduce the need for carry-on bags and designed to look like normal, stylish clothing. SCOTTEVEST clothing has special hidden pockets that let passengers carry everything that was previously lugged around by hand, speeding up security check- ins and saving money on baggage fees.

Pack Jacket PROS

  • Travelers can save money on baggage fees and the new carry-on fees
  • Airport security checkpoint aggravation disappears when you only need to pass one item through the x-ray
  • Security measures related to bags change all the time, but clothing is totally unaffected by bag regulations
  • SCOTTEVEST stops pickpockets and purse-snatchers with secure, zippered interior pockets
  • Travel is easier when you have quick access to what you need, when you need it. You can carry the world in your pockets.


  • The Camera Pocket keeps your camera safely stowed and readily accessible. Some models even have a perfect little pocket designed just for your spare memory cards.
  • The patented PAN (Personal Area Network) system includes collar loops for your ear buds and headphones. The PAN system wires your electronics right into the garment.
  • Never lose your keys again! Some models have a detachable, extendible cord key holder or detachable clip.
  • No-Bulge Pockets designed to streamline your look so the items in your pockets don’t create bulges.
  • All those full pockets doesn’t mean you’ll be weighed down by your stuff. Special fabrics and design are used to evenly distribute the weight on your shoulders, to make it easier to carry than a laptop bag, and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

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