Smoothie Celebration

It was Number 13 on the Birthday List:
Berry and Fruit Smoothies from the Kitchen
By Pam Dillon

The annual tradition goes something like this: two or three (or four or five) weeks before the VID (Very Important Day) an email is circulated to family members. It’s the all-important Birthday List.
Usually, there are amendments every couple of days. (That’s code for additions.)
Here are a few excerpts for your reading pleasure: 

16. Lunch, Brunch or Dinner at a restaurant you think I would like. If you play it safe, nothing can go wrong. 
For more information, for any explanation of anything on the Birthday List or if you wish to add some thoughtful or productive ideas as requests on the Birthday List, contact (Beloved Child) before August 28, 2012. It’s not that difficult.
Also, please consult with (Beloved Child) about the Birthday List, so (Beloved) can choose a request to fulfill by himself and get a gift that everybody loves. That way, accusations about (Beloved) being a spoiled brat or a pampered child will remain, as always, baseless and unwarranted.
Mind you, most of the items on the list are easy to provide (see below):
4. Chocolate Milk and Samosas
But 13 is always a hit with everybody. Here’s the recipe:

Celebration Smoothie
1 cup fruit yogurt
1 banana, peeled and broken into chunks
3 cups frozen berries
1.5 cups frozen mango or peaches
Splash of milk or juice
Secret ingredient: 2 scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt

Put it all in the blender, whirl until it’s smooth, and serve.  This makes enough for several people or a couple of thirsty teenagers. 

Two final notes from the Birthday Lister (also known as Beloved Child):

  • Send the Birthday list to as many people as possible.   
  • Notice that this birthday list was shorter than the last one.
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