Suzart presents Jesus Christ Superstar

by Alan Viau

Imagine Byward Market business owners up in arms over the latest trouble caused by Jesus and his rebels. Owners are fearful of the crowd gathering with him. They are telling authorities they need a permanent solution to this problem.

Jesus and his followers, dubbed The Apostles, have been growing in numbers in the Byward Market district. Roused by their leader, they howl in the streets “Jesus Christ Superstar, Hosanna!” Jesus has also disrupted business by upset carts and messing up booths. This latest act of vandalism has angered business owners, who are looking to authorities for a solution.

Jesus and Mary.

Even the Federal Minister for Public Safety, Caiaphas, has voiced his concerns. “He is dangerous,” claims Caiaphas. “He is whipping up support for his rabble rousing mission. I see bad things arising, blood and destruction because of one man. The stakes are frighteningly high. He must be crushed completely.”

Caiaphas pleads to Supreme Court Justice, Pontius Pilate, attempting to find a legal means to end the unrest. Pilate agrees that Jesus is a most amazing man. However, he dismisses Caiaphas’s claim, decreeing, “He is Harod’s case.

Pontius Pilate.

Nonetheless Jesus is arrested, and when this happens there appear to be cracks in the solidarity of his Apostles. Judas is one of those “cracks.” He criticizes Jesus for not having a plan and for keeping a woman of a certain kind. Even Peter, one of Jesus’s closest Apostles, denies his acquaintance.

The trial of Jesus will be on public display May 21 to 24, 2015 at Centrepointe Threatre Studio. Hosted by Suzart Productions, it’s Andrew Lloyd Webber’s JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. The Shepherd’s of Good Hope will be on hand to accept donations.

Originally produced in the 70s, the rock opera is based on the Gospel stories about the last week of Jesus’s life. This show is a contemporary telling of the many stories and will feature many powerful performances. For tickets and details, see


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