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Help Children Master Fine Motor Skills

How can eight -year-olds put together LEGO and Rainbow Loom masterpieces with such precision and agility?  Those nimble fingers and sharp eyes didn’t come out of nowhere. From an early age, children develop and master all-important fine motor skills. Ultimately, … Continue reading

Help Your Pre-Teen Reach For Success

Life Habits to Cultivate Now Changes in hormones, new-found independence and peer pressure sometimes influence a pre-teen’s questionable behavior. While these changes occur, you need to respect your child’s space, but gently nudge him or her into cultivating good habits. … Continue reading

Helping Kids Who Wet the Bed

Does your youngster wet the bed? He or she is not alone. Fifteen per cent of kids still wet the bed after age five. Here are ideas for how you can help. Continue reading

The Child Who Finds Money: Teaching Money to Kids

Dollars Don’t Grow on Trees. Or in Your Purse
What are you showing and telling your children about money?

The Child Who Finds Money:
Teaching Money to Kids (e-book)
Massi Mo
Amazon Digital Services
ASIN B006ORP5YY Continue reading

What to Expect The Second Year

Ahhh. Pregnancy is a Memory. Infancy is Over.

Your fast-growing, ever-changing little mover and shaker is all over the place and into everything. Now what?

Heidi Murkoff’s What to Expect The Second Year spells it out Continue reading