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Chocolate Serves up “Teachable Moment” at School

Chocolate? It’s the Gold Standard in the Mother’s Lunch Bag of Nutrition Tricks
By Pam Dillon

A couple of days ago on Twitter, a prominent Ottawa parenting blogger was talking about the list of banned junk food at a local school. It includes candy, chips, popcorn and chocolate. Not just chocolate bars, chocolate. *Sigh.* Continue reading

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Can’t get em’ to eat their veggies? This easy to make Chocolate Zucchini Bread is not only chock full of goodness, but chock full of chocolate too! Continue reading

Cocoa snack for kids made healthy

Yummy Orange Chocolate Crispy Bark is low in sugar and high in anti-oxidant flavanols – it’s also yummy and kid-friendly! Continue reading

Double-Dipped Chocolate Orange

by rawmountainkitchen.com

Oh you know, just casually combining two of my favourite things on the planet. Oranges double dipped in raw cacao choco anyone?? I’ll take two. Or perhaps six… Continue reading

Energy to Burn: Banana Chocolate Chunk Muffins

These muffins are a popular after-school snack. Continue reading

Melting for Chocolate

Chocolate has also been linked to a number of health benefits, particularly reduced risk of heart disease. Read on for some delicious chocolatey recipes that will bring smiles to the whole family. Continue reading

Think Outside the Chocolate Box this Easter

Skip the jelly beans, as well as most things nutty, hollow, solid chocolate or cream filled 
By Pam Dillon

Continue reading