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A Picture Book with a Two-Mom Ottawa Family

  by Stephanie Kain We live next door. No need to be scared—we’re good parents, just like you. We two-mom families spend Saturdays in our pyjamas, and divide our weekday mornings between reading board books to our squirming babies, and … Continue reading

At Home with Amanda Forrest

Home is ‘The Compound’ for TV personality and design expert Amanda Forrest, her partner and nine kids … plus the horse and the puppy. You’re apt to take a second look at the striking woman who may be behind you … Continue reading

Becoming a Family of Five

How Three Children Changed a Couple’s Life Forever
By Lindsay Ruck; Photos by John Major Continue reading

Chores: Why They’re Good for Kids

Chores help kids feel valued and develop important life skills. Parenting expert Alyson Schafer offers tips to get them helping out willingly. Continue reading

Colin’s Army

  Twelve-year-old Colin Gillespie has an army of supporters cheering him on as he lives large, battles cancer and sets an example for all ages by Pam Dillon   Have you heard of Colin’s Army? On Facebook, it’s a public … Continue reading

Get Your Picky Eater to Love Family Dinners

Cooking for your whole family is a big challenge. After all, it’s tough to find one meal that will satisfy everyone. But don’t worry, there are plenty of crowd-pleasing meals out there to make your family dinners a success. By … Continue reading

Gluten Free Utopia

Do you or somebody in your family need to live a gluten-free lifestyle? Then you don’t want to miss Gluten Free Utopia. Slated for Saturday, April 5, at the National Library and Archives, 395 Wellington Street, it will showcase more than 50 regional vendors specializing in all things gluten-free. Continue reading

Join the Conversation

By Pam Dillon

Let’s talk about family living in Ottawa Continue reading

My Part of Town is Orléans

by Loukia Zigoum

When I got married and my husband and I were looking for a new house to buy, I never imagined we’d go east. However, we quickly fell in love with the neighborhood of Chapel Hill in Orleans, and now, ten years later, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Continue reading

Parenting a Child With Autism

by Kathleen O’Grady   It was an ordinary summer day.  People were milling on the main thoroughfare, bikes zig-zagging through traffic, cafés and pubs spilling onto the sidewalk, patrons sipping their way through a lazy Friday afternoon. We were ordinary … Continue reading