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International Children’s Festival

Treat the kids to an extra-special outing to the 2015 Ottawa International Children’s Festival. The popular annual extravaganza for the younger set is returning to Lebreton Flats Park and the Canadian War Museum from May 4 to 13 with great … Continue reading

New Immunization Rules to Attend School

by Ottawa Public Health Vaccine Preventable Disease Program Are your kids’ immunization records up to date? Before they walk in the door at school next month, they’ll need proof of vaccination against three more diseases: chickenpox, whooping cough and meningococcal … Continue reading

#newfamilyrule Take Sun Protection Seriously

Parents, listen up: We have to keep them safe. It’s up to us to ensure our kids are protected against skin cancer. In case you missed it, May 4 was Melanoma Monday. This serves as an important reminder that skin … Continue reading

A Camp for Every Kid

Creative, Computer, Sports, Spy and Much More

Whether your camper is a future sports star, a budding artist, a burgeoning scientist or a thrill seeker, there’s a camp out there that will earn high fives. Continue reading

Apps to Teach Your Kids About Their Finances

For most of us, financially acumen is not an inborn skill. However, as we get older and have more experiences with money management, bills, investments and other financial-related topics, we get a bit more knowledgeable and comfortable with our finances. … Continue reading

Are They The Boss of You? Find Out!

by Kathy Buckworth

Quiz time for all you frazzled Mommies out there! This fun quiz will let you know who's really in charge and who needs a well deserved Mommy-moment (hint – you all do).

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Back to School: Allergy Alert

It’s natural to have a twinge of anxiety when the kids head off for the first day of school or daycare. We hope they’ll like their new teachers and classmates, not to mention their lunches, and come home  excited about … Continue reading

Better Reading for Kids

Want to ensure your child masters the all-important basics of reading? Ooka Island is a new web-based offering that can transform kids into confident readers in a year. A personalized program that teaches the five key reading skills, it combines … Continue reading

Boston, Rehtaeh and Sergeant Desjourdy

By: Pam Dillon

Do you talk about news at your dinner table? At mine, everything’s part of the conversation. Continue reading


Let the wet fun begin! Bunch O Balloons is the ultimate way to make water balloons! Fill over 100 water balloons in seconds with this ready-to-go bunch of self-tying water balloons. Continue reading

Buy or DIY: The Perfect Kids’ Halloween Costumes

Fall is here, which means it’s time for your kids to start thinking about what they want to be for Halloween. Right now they’re probably weighing their options. Do they want to be the dinosaur wrangler from Jurassic World, or … Continue reading

Changing how parents talk to their kids about sport

Mom and dad? What you say in the car after the game or practice has a big impact on your kid and his or her future in sport. #theRideHome Continue reading

Chocolate Caramel Shortbread Squares

When your youngest, full of hope, texts you a recipe for squares, what do you do? Make them for Easter dessert, of course! Continue reading

Chocolate Serves up “Teachable Moment” at School

Chocolate? It’s the Gold Standard in the Mother’s Lunch Bag of Nutrition Tricks
By Pam Dillon

A couple of days ago on Twitter, a prominent Ottawa parenting blogger was talking about the list of banned junk food at a local school. It includes candy, chips, popcorn and chocolate. Not just chocolate bars, chocolate. *Sigh.* Continue reading

Connected Kinders: A Guide for Parents with Tablet-Loving Tykes

Gone are the days of children enjoying a game of make believe outside with the neighbor kids. It’s now all about Angry Birds and getting to the next level before bedtime. And, millennial parents are the ones fueling the fire. … Continue reading

Cooking Up Some Love

It's magic for your family when you create in the kitchen together. Not sure where to start? Here are some great ideas to get your family in the foodie mood.

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Countdown to March Break

  What do you get when you put a baby, a toddler, a teenager, a couple of hip young parents and three… ahem… slightly older parents in two vehicles and travel about 1000 miles? You guessed it: The March Break … Continue reading

Crafty Knock-offs

Kids and crafts seem to go hand in hand but unless you want to have your house looking like a kindergarten classroom, the tissue-box creations can get a little tired looking. Why not consider doing some fun craft projects with your kids that are decor-shop worthy? Continue reading

DeBugging Bad Thoughts

Well known Ottawa psychotherapist Cathy Lumsden has a new children’s book, Debugging Those Bad Thoughts With The Bee and Me. It’s helpful for all ages. Continue reading

Dinner Time Disruptions

By: Tricia Duggan, Ottawa Valley Moms

As my son gets older, his need for independence grows.  It’s fun to watch him explore his environment, tackling new and exciting adventures every day.  With this new-found independence comes a very strong opinion. Continue reading

Diono Rainier

The New Diono Rainier is the ultimate in car seat safety with new extra deep side walls providing complete side impact protection taking Diono car seats to a whole new level. Continue reading

Do We Teach Kids to Hate Veggies?

  by Lauren Follett, BA, RHN, Registered Nutritionist We all know vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. They’re loaded with vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly and avoid illness. It’s no secret most … Continue reading

Don’t miss Children’s Wish FUNGANZA

Bring your kids for a fun day and an extra special show at FunHaven on Sunday, February 16. Called Funganza, it features live entertainment and over 30 local exhibitors geared to kids and families. Continue reading

Doodling is Good … and Other School Tips

In a few days, students of all ages will be going back to school.  As parents begin to plan for summer routines to change back to school routines, they should be thinking about how collaboration both at home and in … Continue reading

Dreaming of Ball Season and a Place to Play

  by Stephen Johnson Bryce Desrochers can’t wait for spring. He’s a typical Ottawa kid who loves to play baseball and hang out with friends.  There’s just one small difference from his peers.  When ball season finally rolls around, this … Continue reading

Easy ways to Create a Dream Bedroom for your Child

Just about every child wishes for a dream bedroom, but it takes inspiration to transform four white walls into a fairytale princess room or tree house hideaway. Continue reading

Education: Where Do All the Tech Toys Go?

  Learning to See Technology Through an Environmental Lens Today’s students are very tech-savvy, but they may not be as knowledgeable about what happens to their end-of-life electronics. After the fun’s over, all those prized gadgets—from tablets to digital toys—wind … Continue reading

Epic Adventure in Saskatchewan

Dinosaur fossil collecting, frog catching and moose watching were all part of Stephen Johnson’s family’s epic adventure in Saskatchewan. Continue reading

Ever Feel Like an ATM on Wheels?

The Prosperity Factor for Canadian Kids, by Kelley Keehn, helps parents teach youngsters about money so they can become financially fit. 

Continue reading

Everyone loves the creatures of Niagara Falls

by Stephen Johnson It started with a television jingle.  You know the one: “Everyone loves Marineland.”  Last summer at our house, that was the theme song. It was always followed by a question, “Dad, when are we going to Marineland?” … Continue reading

Family Dinner: Offering Dessert

Some great advice from Sonia Jean-Philippe, a Registered Dietitian with Ottawa Public Health: Try not to use food (such as dessert) to reward, punish or comfort. Continue reading

Family Programs at the Ottawa Art Gallery

by Melinda Buijs As a parent of a three-year-old daughter, I’m always on the lookout for fun things to do in Ottawa. So when I joined the Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG) as a staff member this year, I was delighted … Continue reading

Family Reset

Helping Parents Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle for Kids with Weight Issues

Worried about your child’s weight and health? There are reasons parents are uneasy. Loads of kids — nearly one in three in Ontario — are dealing with excess weight or obesity, meaning they’re at a higher risk for medical problems, bullying, self-esteem issues and depression. Continue reading

Food for Life Continues …

                by Lauren Follett, BA, RHN, Registered Nutritionist I’m back, and so much has changed since I last posted! Here’s the short version: In August 2013 we moved from our 700 square-­foot condo in … Continue reading

Food For Life: Savoury Salmon Bites

by Lauren Follett, BA, RHN, Registered Nutritionist We moms have to stick together when it comes to healthy toddler meals and snacks that can be whipped up in no time. We’ve all been there: you come home from your afternoon outing, … Continue reading

Four-time Olympian David Hart returns to coaching

Back On Deck! by Leslie Foster Born December 6,, 1951 in Hamilton, Ontario, David Hart has been involved in water polo for 50 years.  He started as an athlete and never let up, working as a coach, administrator, mentor, innovator, … Continue reading

Free To Learn

Live and learn? That’s what’s happens for the kids in this family. For them, homeschooling is part of a lifestyle geared to simplicity and creativity. Continue reading

Fueling a Young Athlete

Good nutrition is important for a young athlete because it supports optimal development, meets high energy and nutrient needs, and helps prevents injury or illnesses. Continue reading

Fun Summer Activities for the Family on a Budget

Summer vacation is the perfect time for you and your family to explore a new hobby and spend some time together outdoors. If you’re trying to plan some fun-filled summer days without breaking the family budget, take advantage of what … Continue reading

Fun Way to Teach Kids about Bullying

You’ve gotta love Jennifer Schreiber’s new picture book, MONDAY AT JELLY ROLL DOG PARK. Not only are the illustrations by John LaFree, an artist known for his whimsical and humorous pet portraits, but the story itself is fun, engaging and—most importantly—meaningful … Continue reading

Get Outside and EarthPLAY for Earth Month and Beyond!

Earth Day Canada’s new EarthPLAY program is dedicated to putting unstructured outdoor play back into childhood and the routine of family life. Continue reading

Get the Garden Started

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow…

Continue reading

Get Your Picky Eater to Love Family Dinners

Cooking for your whole family is a big challenge. After all, it’s tough to find one meal that will satisfy everyone. But don’t worry, there are plenty of crowd-pleasing meals out there to make your family dinners a success. By … Continue reading

Grant Alternative students get education in healthy eating

  Kids at Grant Alternative School have a taste for healthy food, thanks to an initiative that allows them to cook up ideas, get busy in the kitchen and serve their parents a nutritious meal.  The opportunity comes courtesy of … Continue reading

Great Family Finds

It’s no secret potty training is easier in the summer when children are wearing fewer clothes. (Less laundry, natch!) Kandoo Flushable Wipes can help this sometimes-messy endeavor be a success. Not only do they clean better than toilet paper alone, … Continue reading

Guardians of the Children

Guardians of the Children is a biker organization dedicated to protecting victims of child abuse and educating the public about this issue. Continue reading

Halloween Etiquette for All Ages

Manners matter, even when it comes to the celebration at the end of October. Here are some great Halloween etiquette tips to guide both kids and adults. Continue reading

Halloween Treats: Coffin Crisp Mummies

Want to have some spooky Halloween fun with the kids in the kitchen? This recipe for COFFIN CRISP Mummies will have your little goblins gobblin’ and calling, “More, mummy! More.” Prep Time: 5 minutes Total Time:  15 minutes  Ingredients: 20 … Continue reading

Halloween Treats: ScAERO Spider Brownie Pizza

Halloween + pizza = YUM, right? But what if you add spiders to the equation? EEK! Fear not, spunky parent. Your goblins and gobblers will love helping to make the “spiders” on this ScAERO Brownie Pizza. Ingredients: 12 (7.3 g) Nestlé ScAERO … Continue reading

Hat’s Off to Kanata’s Pyjama Patrol

Over 1,000 Pairs of Pyjamas Donated to Kids in Need First-time community outreach program is a dream come true for area agency and kids in need in Kanata. The Pyjama Patrol, a group of moms and concerned community members, created … Continue reading

Head-to-Toe Sun Protection for the Kids

After a long winter, Ottawa parents and their kids are looking forward to getting out of the house for some fun in the sun. From lazy poolside afternoons to day trips at the beach, the warm temperatures and bright blue … Continue reading

Healthy Carb & Protein Choices for Your Kids

  by Lauren Follett, BA, RHN, Registered Nutritionist As you may have read from my last post, it’s really important to make sure your kids have enough healthy fats in their diet. Fats are just one of the three macronutrients that … Continue reading

Healthy Toddler Snacking: Veggies on Veggies!

  by Lauren Follett, BA, RHN, Registered Nutritionist Parents often come to me with a common challenge when it comes to toddler meals: getting their kids to eat raw vegetables. Either your toddler is too young to chew through raw … Continue reading

Help Kids Ease Into School Year

Parenting expert Alyson Schafer offers us some valuable tips to help our kids — at all stages — ease into this new school year. Continue reading

Help Your Kids Learn Healthy Habits

You are the most influential role model in your children’s lives. Use this responsibility as motivation to develop healthier habits for yourself and them. Continue reading

Help Your Pre-Teen Reach For Success

Life Habits to Cultivate Now Changes in hormones, new-found independence and peer pressure sometimes influence a pre-teen’s questionable behavior. While these changes occur, you need to respect your child’s space, but gently nudge him or her into cultivating good habits. … Continue reading

Helping Kids Who Wet the Bed

Does your youngster wet the bed? He or she is not alone. Fifteen per cent of kids still wet the bed after age five. Here are ideas for how you can help. Continue reading

Holiday Gifts: Toys, Toys, Toys!

On a hunt for toys that will have youngsters beaming and exclaiming with glee? Check out these enticing options. VTech’s fourth generation kids’ learning tablet, InnoTab MAX features a multi-touch screen with a high-resolution display, plus kid-safe Wi-Fi. Its VTech … Continue reading

Hooray for Ausome Ottawa

“Once in awhile you have an idea that just won’t let go,” says Ausome Ottawa founder Derek Firth, “and you have to act on it.” That’s what happened when Derek and his wife Liisa Vexler talked about creating an organization … Continue reading

How Screen Time Affects Young Children

As exposure to digital media increases, so have concerns about how screen time affects young children and families. Here’s what you need to know. Continue reading

Hungry or Not?

Watch What Active Kids are Eating
Compiled by R. Legault Continue reading

Improve your child’s relationship with food

(NC) Fear is a common reaction to ‘the obesity epidemic’, so it’s no wonder that children today are more focused on food than ever before. Kids are being taught about the importance of choosing from ‘good foods’, ‘bad foods’ and … Continue reading

It’s About the Kids

Main Street Communty Services helps some very special children
By Barbara Bottriell

Photo courtesy of Main Street Community Services: Continue reading

Itchy and Scratchy? (LICE!)

Dealing with head lice? It’s a touchy subject  by Darcie Taing R.N, M.N CCHN(C), Public Health Nurse at Ottawa Public Health When you hear your child has head lice, if you’re like most parents you’ll scratch your head and say, … Continue reading

Keep Kids Safe From Electrical Injuries: #NoSafeShock

Did you know even mild electrical shocks can have long-term after effects? These #NoSafeShock tips will help keep your kids safe. Continue reading

Kids and Culture can Mix

Is it Toil and Trouble to Get Your Kids to a Cultural Event?

Fear not, dear parent. There are plenty of attractions in Ottawa to entice them. Better yet, A Company of Fools brings the dreaded works of Shakespeare delightfully to life. The outdoor productions are funny, engaging and family-approved. Continue reading

Kids and Parents love Rags to Raches

It’s easy to see why Rags to Raches is such a hit. The kids’ clothing is adorable and ultra wearable. And the story behind it is every bit as appealing. Continue reading

Kids Hungry? WRAPS, FTW!

Are your teens “reportedly” on the brink of starvation all. the. time? You can wrap up this little dilemma nicely—with no kitchen sweat. Stock the fridge, the counter and the cupboard with wrap fixings and let them go too it. … Continue reading

Kids Just Want To Have Fun

Tell The Youngsters it’s a Birthday Party, Especially Canada’s Birthday Party, And They’ll Show You How to Celebrate Continue reading

Kids, Head Hits and Rowan Stringer

By Pam Dillon

Every weeknight at this time of year, the playing fields in my neighbourhood are full of kids.  Right now, there are little ones playing T-ball and soccer. They have knobby knees and wee, toothpick legs. While parents in lawn chairs look on, the players’ younger siblings whip down slides and hang from the monkey bars at the playground. Continue reading

Kids, Pets and Heaven?

One afternoon while the kids were outside playing with my husband I saw him. Poor Dory was vertical, nose down in the rocks. I was very, very sad actually, way more than I ever expected over a fish.
Then it hit me, I had to tell Ava, my daughter. She would be devastated! Continue reading

Kindergarten: Is Your Child Ready?

by Huguette Tessier, Public Health Nurse The start of school is a big deal for your little one, as well as a new chapter for your entire family. For the first-time student, it means meeting new teachers and friends, adapting … Continue reading

Know This About Vaccination

As cases of measles continue to spread across the United States, the Canadian Paediatric Society is reminding parents about the importance of timely immunization. Vaccination is the best way to protect children and youth against many diseases, including measles. 
While … Continue reading

Learn About Music Studies

Wondering about musical lessons for the kids? You can get a sense of what it’s all about at a special event at the end of the month. The National Capital Suzuki School of Music (SuzukiMusic) is hosting its Open House … Continue reading

Less Screen Time, More Physical Activity FTW

by Jason Haug, Program and Project Management Officer, Ottawa Public Health  Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire (well the fireplace TV station on Channel 500-something) is so delightful. Netflix, time curled up on the couch texting with … Continue reading

Let’s do (School) LUNCH!

The skinny on how to overcome common lunch-packing challenges by Brandy McDevitt, Registered Dietitian As parents know all too well, the return to school signals a return to the kitchen. You’re baaack—to the routine of packing lunches for the kids. … Continue reading

Lice 101

Children with head lice should be treated and then attend school or preschool as usual the next day. And there are new treatment options, too. Continue reading

Millennials: Unraveling Fact from Fiction

There’s a lot of talk about Millennials, the generation of kids born between 1982 and 2004. What’s the truth? Here’s what. Continue reading

My Kids and Don Giovanni

You never know what careers kids will choose. As the result of a musical upbringing, two of our kids are involved with the Glenn Gould School production of the opera Don Giovanni. Continue reading

Nature Camp? Yes!

There is something magical about an outdoor nature camp. Kids can explore, test their limits, try new things, get plenty of exercise, and enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature.

Continue reading

Numbers Game

2+2+1= 5 Ways To Improve Your Children’s Math Skills
Learning math can be tough for kids, especiallythose who do not have a natural ability or for kids who struggle to grasp new concepts…

  Continue reading

Nutrition Program Helps Families make Healthy Choices

(NC) Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in Canada. Today, over 1.6 million Canadian children between the ages of 5-17 carry extra weight, with 11.7% classified as obese. Most adolescents do not outgrow this problem and continue to gain weight … Continue reading

Obesity and Kids

Over 24 Percent of all Canadian Kids are Overweight or Obese

Are yours at risk? The No-Diet Obesity Solution for Kids, a new book by Miriam B. Vos, M.D., offers a diet-free solution Continue reading

Obesity: Is Your Kid at Risk?

by Alan Viau Statistics Canada has released a report that should scare parents about the future health of their children. Over the last 37 years, childhood obesity has exploded for both boys and girls aged three to 19. This trend predicts that we … Continue reading

Open WIDE…

Promoting Good Oral Hygiene Habits for Kids
By: Doris Ohlmann

Continue reading

Ottawa is Party Central

Want to throw a party with pizazz? Cap City offers amazing choices for special summer birthday parties. Whether you have a wee one who loves the local fun zones, youngsters who get a kick out of reptiles and manicures, or … Continue reading

Ottawa’s Youth Need to be Home Safe

There’s no place like home – especially when you’re a kid who doesn’t have one. In Ottawa, lots of kids don’t have one.  There are young people from Kanata and Orleans, south Ottawa and other neighbourhoods who don’t have the … Continue reading

Parenting a Child With Autism

by Kathleen O’Grady   It was an ordinary summer day.  People were milling on the main thoroughfare, bikes zig-zagging through traffic, cafés and pubs spilling onto the sidewalk, patrons sipping their way through a lazy Friday afternoon. We were ordinary … Continue reading

Play Dates – Do You Intervene?

by: Tricia Duggan, Ottawa Valley Moms

I came across an article today titled “When to Mediate a Playdate”. It really hit close to home, as I went through a phase were I was avoiding play groups at all costs.   As the kids got older, I found the play dates became more and more difficult, and I was left feeling frustrated. Continue reading

Playing Ball at the Miracle League Field

There’s a local ball game tomorrow that’s really big news. It’s one is which kids of all abilities will be playing and having fun at Ottawa’s Miracle League Field. Continue reading

Playing Outside Benefits Kids With Autism

  Want your child with autism to improve spatial reasoning, reduce negative behaviors and develop confidence? Take him or her to the playground. A 2010 study for the 16th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management reports that outdoor recreation benefits … Continue reading

Practice Good Manners this Summer

Summer vacation is a great time for kids to practice good manners and to master new life skills, including etiquette. Continue reading

PS4 Games You & The Kids Will Like

Perhaps you’ve already given in to your kids’ request (more like begging and pleading) for a PlayStation 4, or you’re contemplating buying them one for the holidays. Most parents have at least some concerns about their kids playing video games—we … Continue reading

Radio Flyer EZ Fold Stroll ‘N Trike

The EZ Fold Stroll ‘N Trike™ is designed to fold in one easy step so you can store or take it anywhere. This 4 in 1 trike is a great grow-with-me trike offering the many features and  fun for kids 9 months to 5 years. Continue reading

Rain Rain Go Away!

Easily keep the “I'm bored” complaints to a minimum

Five great rainy day activities

Continue reading

Raising Transgender and Gender Creative Kids in Ottawa

The Road Less Travelled by Amanda Jetté Knox  On a cold February night last winter, our 11-year-old sent us a heartfelt email:  “I am a girl trapped inside a boy’s body,” it said. “More than anything, I want to be … Continue reading

Recipe to Love: Lentil Bolognese

Looking for a yummy recipe to start the weekend off with mega-fuel and nutrition — so you can whip down the canal or the ski and sliding hills? Have we got you covered!  This yummy recipe from TummyThyme fits the … Continue reading

Resilience: A Necessary Skill

by Cathy Lumsden As September settles in, many people have mixed emotions about the end of summer. Some love getting back to routines and schedules while others dread them. When I was in high school and university I would be … Continue reading

Roadside Rambler

Montreal – with the Kids? Well yes. It’s trés cool

By Stephen Johnson
Photos by Stephen Johnson and Sandra Garrido Continue reading

Safety First for Your Ghost and Goblin

10 HALLOWEEN Dos and Don’ts Continue reading

Safety First: Play Pokémon Go as a Family

Pokémon Go has been downloaded by over 40 million users — probably including your kids. Here’s how to make the hugely popular game safer for all ages. Continue reading

SANITY SAVER Road Trip Rituals

Woo Hoo! We’re on the way, we’re on the way on the way to… The Summer Road Trip

Kelli Catana tells us how to survive and enjoy Continue reading


Eight Simple Ways to Get Great Photos of Your Kids Continue reading

School Daze

Five Habits that Ruin a School Year Continue reading

SCHOOL: Arriving in Style!

Photos by Sarah McCormack Who doesn’t want to look and feel great for the start of a new season? Across Ottawa, there are shopping trips aplenty these days as parents and kids scour the shops and aisles for back-to-school fashions … Continue reading

Science By Night at Museum of Nature May 5

Science by Night is happening at the Canadian Museum of Nature Thursday, May 5. At this free open house, from 5 to 9 pm, you can roam the museum, meet scientists, do a little gaming and dissection, join in a trivia challenge and more!
Continue reading

Should eye exams be mandatory for school-age kids?

Most Canadian children never have their eyes examined, yet one in six may have a vision problem by Elizabeth Lee-Ford Jones and Mélanie Meloche-Holubowski Currently only 14 percent of Canadian children under the age of six receive professional eye care. … Continue reading

Sing and Learn with the Zoo Jamz Microphone™

Join the jungle jam and use the voice-amplifying Zoo Jamz Microphone™ to sing along to children’s songs with the friendly lion and his friends. Continue reading

Skateboarding Culture 101

Skateboarding has many benefits for kids. It engages them, alleviates stress and provides exercise and fashion sense. It also expands their social circles. #ftw Continue reading

Snowsuit Smarts

Buying a snowsuit for a little one this winter? Here are some tips to keep in mind: Continue reading

Summer Fun & Learning at Watson’s Mill

Manotick’s Watson’s Mill isn’t just a cool historic site and community hub. This summer, Kids aged 6-12 will be part of its Mini-Wheats Summer Camp and kids aged 13-16 will be in its Leader in Training program. Continue reading

Summer Fun and Games

While this summer break from school is a long time, it doesn’t have to be a brain drain. Sure the pencils and books have been put away in favour of playthings, but as any parent knows learning happens all the … Continue reading

Sun Sense: You Don’t Want to Wear Your Bum on Your Nose

Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide: slip on a shirt, slap on a hat, slop on sunscreen, seek shade, and slide on sunglasses. by Prevent Cancer Now Health worries should be the last reason to stay indoors on these beautiful summer … Continue reading

SuperME products make super gifts for kids

Looking for “super” gifts to give your young loved ones and friends this holiday season? Check out SuperME! SuperME is a collection of personalized superhero-inspired products that combine functionality and fun. These way-cool items embrace the inner personalities, unique skill … Continue reading

Swimming Smarts: Hippo Splash Party

How comfortable and safe are your kids in the water? With summer swim season just around the corner, now’s the time to assess swimming smarts, skills and confidence. Continue reading

Take the 30×30 Nature Challenge

Are you ready to get a move on? May is Physical Activity Month and that’s a great excuse to get outside and play, regardless of your age. In fact, now’s the perfect time to sign up for the David Suzuki … Continue reading

Talk & Read Baby Doll

The Baby Amaze™ Learn to Talk & Read Baby Doll™ by VTech® learns to talk and read by repeating words and phrases. Little people learn at the same time. Continue reading

Talk to Your Kids About Internet Safety

When it comes to stealing someone’s identity for personal gain, children aren’t exempt from the deceptive tactics employed by fraudsters. If your child is diving head first into the cyber world, it’s time to educate them on the risk factors of … Continue reading

Talk With Our Kids About Money Day

Do you need to sit down with the kids and go over some of the facts of life? Get informed first by attending a free local event presented to mark the third annual Talk With Our Kids About Money Day. … Continue reading

Talk with your Kids about Mental Health

Are you wondering about your kid’s mental health? After all, puberty is a challenging time. Is he or she really okay? Here’s how to start the conversation. Continue reading

Talk With Your Kids About Money

Wednesday, April 20, is Talk to Our Kids About Money Day. It’s up to us as parents to talk to them about money and to teach them financial literacy skills. Here’s how. Continue reading

Teach Your Kids Character

  Some things you don’t necessarily learn in school. Character is one of them. Character is the internal compass that will influence your child’s choices and life direction in many ways. And it’s something you can teach at home. by Cathy … Continue reading

Teaching Children Where Their Food Comes From

Want your children to understand where their food comes from? Join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group. Continue reading

The Ottawa Breakfast School Program

Feeding Hungry Minds Since 1990 By Amanda Jette Knox It’s an early autumn morning at a school in the heart of Ottawa.  The gymnasium windows are open and sunlight spills onto a few tables topped with bowls of fresh fruit. … Continue reading

Their Bedrooms, Their Castles

By Doris Ohlmann

Will it be dinosaurs, cartoon characters, stars and planets or jungle style? Decorating the kids’ rooms can be fun – for them and you


  Continue reading

Think Outside the Chocolate Box this Easter

Skip the jelly beans, as well as most things nutty, hollow, solid chocolate or cream filled 
By Pam Dillon

Continue reading

Time to Think about Summer Camp

  by Alyssa Delle Palme             When I was 12, I watched the movie The Parent Trap and immediately begged my parents to send me away to summer camp. I imagined it as a magical place where I would enjoy … Continue reading

Toddlers at the Restaurant Table

If you happen to be sitting at a table near Nash Patrick, a certain chubby-cheeked, brown-eyed fellow perched in a highchair, prepare to duck. Food can fly while in the bowl. When there’s cutlery within reach, well, you’ve been warned. The young man about town may have a future in shot put or discus. Continue reading

Tough Love in Homework

Good study habits start with you Homework is not easy. You know that, having gone through years in elementary, high school and college with mountains of it on your back. This is why most parents understand the need to help … Continue reading

Toys for Non-Stop Outdoor Action

Have we got some great toys for you! Spend day after day playing outside with these awesome choices for fun outdoor action. Continue reading

Toys the Lils will Love

If you don’t want to be caught in the holiday rush or wind up unable to find the only thing your lil wants under the tree, now’s a good time to start shopping for toys. Continue reading

Tubby Time Fun

Rubber Ducky, You’re the One? Not So Much.
There are tons of entertaining play things for the bathtub. Who knew getting clean could be this exciting? Continue reading

Update Your Kids’ Bedrooms

Could your children’s rooms use some updating? Tis the time of year to spruce up your surroundings, including those kid zones. Here are some great ideas to jazz things up a bit: Add a little fun to sleeping quarters with … Continue reading

Upper Canada Village

When Ally and Bobby Montminy first arrived at Upper Canada Village during their 2011 summer break, they knew it was going to be an unforgettable week. Continue reading

Use Home Maintenance To Teach Your Kids

You’ll often hear parents say you should teach your kids basic repair and home maintenance skills so they can use them when they’re grown up. But there is more to these lessons than self-efficacy. Letting your children help with cleaning, … Continue reading

Video Games Can Assist With Education

How can you contribute to your child’s education and development without breaking the bank? The answer may surprise you: video games.   When most people think of video games and children, they picture a child seated in front of a … Continue reading

Wasn’t That a Birthday Party? (GAH!)

Have you hosted that kiddie birthday party yet? It’s the one on the coldest day of winter when parents offload their progeny at the door of Zombiezoopalooza and wave bye-bye. You’re the host saying, “Hi hi!” It’s kindergarten and, like … Continue reading

Weathering Winter

It’s a Family Health and Safety Issue. Know what really bites? Frostbite, hypothermia and realizing, a half an hour after your kids hopped on the bus, that they’ve forgotten their mitts or snow pants in the hall closet. Continue reading

Wild (Family) Weekend in Quebec

Want to have a wild (family) weekend? Stephen Johnson’s family headed to Quebec to visit a zoo in Montreal & an aquarium in Quebec City. Fun times, indeed! Continue reading

Wonders of Forest School

Parents who put their children in forest school can expect dirty, happy kids at pickup, as well as lively dinner conversations about all they’ve learned. Continue reading

Yoga for Youngsters

Getting More Movement Back into Schools
By Iris Winston
Photos courtesy of Catherine Lesage

“I started there with a few kids, then a summer camp,” says Catherine, who now teaches up to 250 children a week, working in both official languages in various locations in Ottawa and West Québec…

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Youngster’s World Trip for a Cause Starts in Ottawa

Eleven-year-old Capri Everitt is really going places. And that doesn’t mean to the mall after school. Starting from Ottawa this week, the youngster is embarking on a philanthropic journey that will take her to 80 countries. Capri will travel the … Continue reading