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10 Ways to Make your Recipes Healthier

When it comes to healthy living, one of my main philosophies is that I don’t believe in diets or quick fixes. I believe in learning, every day, to make healthy choices that lead to living a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading

2-1-1 Day

February 11 is 2-1-1 Day. It is also a good time to remember that you can easily connect to the right community and social services by dialing 2-1-1. Continue reading

3 Ways to Traditionally Document Your Child’s Life in a Digital Age

By Erin Blaskie (@ErinBlaskie on Twitter)

I remember when I was fourteen years old… printing pictures all of the time, adding them to albums, documenting my life as a fourteen-year-old.  It continued through to my early twenties and then life happened, things got busier, digital cameras and Facebook came into play and the documentation of my life slowed (at least a physical documentation of it did). Continue reading

4th and 5th graders can ski for free this winter

This holiday season, you can pick up a SnowPass for your 4th or 5th grader and give the gift of skiing and snowboarding. Since Christmas break is almost here, the kids can hit the local slopes and get involved in the season’s hottest sports. Continue reading

A Family Pet: Is Now The Right Time?

by Andrea Simmons

Pets enrich our lives and are as much a part of the family as your mom, dad, sister or brother. However, before you bring home your own pet, you need to know if the time is right, and you need to know how to choose the best pet to add to your current family. Continue reading

ABC’s of Back to School Preparation

Assignment: Get your whole family ready for the start of the new school year. Deadline: Tuesday, September 3, the first day of school for most Ottawa kids. (Aim for a gold star!) Continue reading

About Bullying: Don’t wait for it to get better, make it better

by Jeremy Dias

I go to a different school to talk about bullying almost every single day of the school year and there is one group of people that sends me a ton of emails. I’m not talking about youth; they Facebook and tweet. I’m talking about parents. And the number one question I get is this: What can I do to prevent my child from being bullied? Continue reading

Aden + Anais

For countless generations, mothers have cared for their children with muslin. aden + anais® takes this tradition one step further with cotton muslin (bamboo coming soon!). Designed to be worn over baby’s pyjamas to eliminate loose blankets, these sleeping bags help to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. Continue reading


Are the kids getting a little antsy? Take them to see the real thing at the Canadian Museum of Nature. Farmers, Warriors, Builders: The Hidden Life of Ants—an exhibition of 39 large-scale photos by award-winning photographer Mark W. Moffetjust opened at the popular downtown museum. This travelling exhibition is organized by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. Continue reading

Applefest is a fun family day for a great cause

How do you like “them” apples? A fun outing plus a delicious taste of the season plus a great cause equal the perfect family adventure! Mark Sunday, September 1, on your calendar and round up the family for a memorable day trip Continue reading

Are You Motivated to Get Healthy?

I can give you all the advice, healthy recipes and meal ideas in the world, but you have to be at a point where you want to help yourself. Continue reading

Avoid the Freshman 15, even if you’re not in school

If you’ve gone to college or university, you probably understand what it means to gain the “Freshman 15.” It’s the inevitable weight gain that happens as a result of being away from your mom’s cooking, and thrown into the world of cafeteria food, late-night take-out, beer and sleeping late. Continue reading

Back to School: The Next Big Holiday Season?

By Crystal McLeod

It is most definitely that time of year: Back to School!  The evidence is everywhere – on TV, the radio, in stores, newspapers, flyers, magazines … It’s as though the kids’ return to class has become the next holiday! Continue reading

Be an Effective Work-from-Home Mom

By Emily Schmidt

During the past 15 years, working from home has become more and more commonplace. Why? For up to 90 percent of moms, a desire to spend more time with the kids is the number one reason to work from home… Continue reading

Be Smart about Backpacks

Health Matters blogger Dr. Pierre Paradis, a Kanata chiropractor, provides the information you need to choose the proper backpack. Continue reading

Berrigan Elementary #1 in UNICEF fundraising!

Berrigan Elementary School is the number one ranked school in all of Ontario and in the top ten standings when it comes to raising funds and awareness for UNICEF. Continue reading

Book Talk

Local authors Jennifer J. Bergin and Ruth Latta have come up with entertaining stories for young booklovers. Mom and dad will be happy with these tales too. Continue reading

Bust a Move, Kids and Moms!

C’mon Ottawa! Get out and support Bust a Move for Breast Health™—this weekend! Continue reading

C-c-crazy for Cranberries

Don’t wait ‘til Thanksgiving dinner to enjoy cranberries. Ruby-red gems, they’re nutritional powerhouses, packed with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber. These yummy cranberry muffins serve up a taste of the season as well as a major hit of nutrition. Pop them in the freezer, in individual containers, and pull them out for lunches next week. Continue reading

Cabbage Lasagna

by Helen Mitri
If your ditching the carbs these days or at least trying, like I am, this is a recipe you may want to try. It contains an abundance of fresh vegetables and just a good amount of quality red meat. Continue reading

Carefree Life at the Cottage

by Julie Harrison

If your normally busy neighbourhood street suddenly no longer has the sounds of bicycle bells and gleeful kids shouting, then you know cottage season has officially hit. On Friday evenings, you’ll often find Ottawa families vacating the city and heading out to their lakeside cottages for weekends filled with the magic of campfires, fireflies, waffle breakfasts and boat rides. Continue reading

Cauliflower Mash

Move over, spuds. Next time the fam damily is craving mashed potatoes, shake up the dinner fare by using cauliflower instead. Continue reading

Cautionary Tale for Hockey Parents

By Pam Dillon

We were sitting outside the rink a few weeks ago watching the action through the glass. I was waiting to drive my kid home and there were three or four dads sitting to one side of me, talking hockey-dad talk. It sounded like a serious TSN-style discussion, but I wasn’t paying too much attention since I was leafing through a magazine on a hunt for recipes. Continue reading

Chicken & Veggie Baked Burritos

Pantry staples like canned beans and pasta sauce are combined with fresh shredded veggies to create a delicious and nutritious baked burrito that kids and adults will love. Continue reading

Clutter, Be Gone!

By: Heather Burke

Snowed under by the stuff of your winter hibernation? Bust out of the burrow, get your family life in order and see the light of spring! (You might actually find that extra set of car keys or the various missing socks.) Expert organizer Heather Burke tells you how to get a grip on household organization so that your living spaces—and your head—are cleared. Continue reading

Come one, come all for Villagefest

Stittsville is gearing up for a party – and you’re invited. Once all the beach towels and sand toys are put away and the kids are back in school, the west-end locale is gathering young and old for a celebration. Continue reading

Common Weight Loss Setbacks

Weight loss and maintenance are common struggles for many people. When it comes to weight loss strategy, I don’t recommend calorie counting and daily weigh-ins. Instead, I like to focus on individuals and the types of foods in their diets. Continue reading

Cord Blood Bank a First

by Lynn Rees Lambert

In the heat of the moment, it will barely register for new parents. But for someone out there, someone who has been waiting for a life-saving match, this new arrival will do more than register—it will offer hope for a cure or a longer life. Continue reading

Crockpot Shredded Beef

It’s perfect weather to enjoy warm, hearty meals. This family-friendly version of roast beef is super easy and always a hit with the kids.  Prepare it in less than 10 minutes, stick it in the crockpot  to cook for the day – and you’re done. Continue reading

Detox Time

Remember the refined sugar and fat from holidays sweets? The deep-fried, fatty and processed appetizers? The alcohol? As a result, our bodies are overloaded with toxins. That being said, anybody can be toxic at any time of the year due to poor eating habits, stress or their environment. Continue reading

Dinner Time Disruptions

By: Tricia Duggan, Ottawa Valley Moms

As my son gets older, his need for independence grows.  It’s fun to watch him explore his environment, tackling new and exciting adventures every day.  With this new-found independence comes a very strong opinion. Continue reading

Diono Rainier

The New Diono Rainier is the ultimate in car seat safety with new extra deep side walls providing complete side impact protection taking Diono car seats to a whole new level. Continue reading

Dogs and cats try to eat the craziest things

Do you know what your pet is eating? It’s not so easy to keep four-legged family members from testing their taste buds on household items, a new survey of Canadian pet owners reveals. Continue reading

Don’t miss Children’s Wish FUNGANZA

Bring your kids for a fun day and an extra special show at FunHaven on Sunday, February 16. Called Funganza, it features live entertainment and over 30 local exhibitors geared to kids and families. Continue reading

Don’t Miss Early Years Expo

If you’ve got little ones or you’re planning to have little ones, don’t miss the Early Years Expo Saturday, May 4, at South Fallingbrook Community Centre in Orléans Continue reading

Dreams on Ice

By Lynn Rees Lambert
Photos by John Major

By now, Analisa Love-Tedjoutomo has her routine down cold. Make that routines, plural, that take the 14-year-old figure skater from ice rink to classroom to dance floor in a sequence of scheduling that would make most others dizzy. For this girl, it’s all part of a journey she envisions with a focus that is skate-blade sharp. Continue reading

Encouraging Students to Change the World

Province Launches Seventh Annual Youth Volunteer Challenge Continue reading

Enjoy your fresh Christmas tree

Christmas is just around the corner and for many families, a visit to a local Christmas tree farm is a wonderful part of the family tradition.  Freshly cut Christmas trees are just like plants and children: give them tender loving care and they will give you joy in return. Continue reading

Equality in parenting?

The breaking down of barriers to men’s lockers rooms happened for women in 1975. Yet today we find that fathers are not given access to change rooms for their daughters. Equality in modern parenting has a way to go. Continue reading

Estrogen Dominance

Hormones play such an important role in our health and how we feel. A hormonal imbalance can trigger everything from acne to anxiety. Often times people will complain that they “feel off” or “just don’t feel like themselves.” Usually those feelings can be attributed to a hormonal imbalance, and for women aged 35 – 50; estrogen dominance may be to blame. Continue reading

Excellent Adventures at the NAC

By Lynn Reese Lambert

If the National Arts Centre’s Family Adventures series is a good gauge by which to measure, the answer is a cymbal-pinging, timpani-rolling YES! Continue reading

Extra Help? Smart Idea

By: Pat Ross

Gayle O’Connor didn’t waste any time. Right at the start of the school year, she decided to get some extra help for her son. Christopher was starting grade 7 at a new school and she wanted to make the transition an easy one. Continue reading

Fall Family Challenge

On your mark. Get set. Go … outside and stay out to play as a family. Join the David Suzuki Foundation for its Fall Family Challenge. Continue reading

Fall Fashion Show Celebrates the Beauty of Cancer Survival

It’s the kind of fashion show you don’t want to miss. Uplifting and inspiring, this fall fashion event at The Wholesale Outlet, 1877 Innes Road, is a celebration of style and life and cancer survival. Continue reading

Family Finds – Unique buys for today’s family

Featuring the Fuzzy Flyer, Mark-My-Time Digital Booklight and the SodaStream Source. Continue reading

Family Reset

Helping Parents Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle for Kids with Weight Issues

Worried about your child’s weight and health? There are reasons parents are uneasy. Loads of kids — nearly one in three in Ontario — are dealing with excess weight or obesity, meaning they’re at a higher risk for medical problems, bullying, self-esteem issues and depression. Continue reading

Fancy-Pants Caramel Pears

This fall party dessert, based on a recipe from Epicurious.com, looks as good as it tastes — and it tastes amazing! Since it can be made ahead of time, then reheated and assembled at the last minute, it’s an ideal addition to a holiday dinner menu. There’s no fuss or muss and no worry about results. It dazzles every single time.  And that’s something else to be thankful for! Continue reading


Get fit, sleep better and have fun with fitbit! This amazing little device tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality and wakes you silently in the morning. Just check out the lights to see how you stack up against your personal goal and enjoy the many online and mobile tools to motivate you to get out and be more active. Continue reading

Five Fun Indoor Activities to Stave Off Winter Boredom

As we move into mid-February, and closer to March Break, parents may start running out of ideas for things that they can do with their children. These five fun indoor activities you can do with your kids should help banish those winter blahs. Continue reading

Focus Programs zero in on engaging students

How’s this for creative thinking? The Ottawa Catholic School Board has put on its institutional thinking cap to come up with some pretty compelling and positive options to appeal to different types of learners. Continue reading

Forest of Elves

by Lynn Rees Lambert

Sending letters to Santa Claus has never been quite like this: Children can hand-deliver their wish list to the CEO—that’s Chief Elf Officer—who guarantees it will go straight to the North Pole. Continue reading

Fun concerts for both grownups and kids

Looking to get into the spirit of the season?  Get tickets to a special holiday event. There are two concerts on tap this week that will have you snapping your fingers, tapping your toes and humming along. Continue reading

Fun with Pancakes

Breakfast for dinner? Absolutely, especially when it’s Shrove Tuesday. Have pancakes—and have fun with pancakes. Continue reading

Garmin 2013 products

Go on an adventure, find your way and explore and play. It’s easy with Garmin, whose products are user friendly and built to last. Check out these featured Garmin navigation systems and sports watches: Continue reading

GCTC presents world premiere of Like Wolves

How about a night out and a great, live show? Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC) is presenting the world premiere of Like Wolves by Ottawa playwright Rosa Laborde.  Onstage through June 23 at the Irving Greenberg Theatre, Like Wolves is a black comedy about life choices and family. Continue reading

Get Fresh with your Food

By Alan Viau
Fresh local market produce is filling the shelves. This is a great time of year to step out of the grocery store and teach kids where their food comes from. Continue reading

Gluten Free Me

By Pam Dillon

Heather McIlquham is a typical teen. The bubbly, active 15-yearold is a Grade 10 student at South Carleton High School and when she’s not in class she enjoys jujitsu and swimming. She also likes to sing and hang out with her friends.

What’s not typical about Heather is that she has celiac disease (CD), an autoimmune disorder that is estimated to affect about one in 133 people. Continue reading


Looking for some fun on the town?  Check out these great options: Continue reading

Great Ottawa Gifts: Lost Beneath the Ice

Do you have readers in the family? Lost Beneath the Ice is a brand new book you’ll want to put on the holiday shopping list. And if you have history buffs to buy for, you might want to pick up two or three copies.

Images supplied by Parks Canada Continue reading

Green Baby Bums: Diapers for Eco-Parents

While there’s no simple solution to the diapering dilemma, three kids and some 15,000 diaper changes have taught me there are a number of alternatives for environmentally conscious parents.
Contributed By: Tovah Paglaro, David Suzuki’s Queen of Green

  Continue reading

Green camping essentials

By Tovah Paglaro, David Suzuki’s Queen of Green

Like so many of you, my family’s on a never-ending mission to reduce our overall carbon footprint and live as harmoniously as possible with the earth. Enter camping! Continue reading

Growing Up Organic

By Chelsea Brunette and Samantha Brazeau-Wilson

Kids don’t always realize gardening can be one of life’s pleasures. And parents might be surprised how helpful it is in the development of good eating habits. Continue reading

Halloween Fun

Halloween season in Ottawa is coming to get you.  And there’s no end of opportunities to scare yourself silly. (Or is theeeere?) Continue reading

Head Injuries: Learn the facts

Want to learn more about head injury prevention and concussion management? The Ottawa Carleton District School Board is offering a free public presentation Wednesday, September 25 at 7:30 p.m. in the Adult High School, 300 Rochester Street. Continue reading

Health Matters – Fever: A Hot Topic!

By: Dr. Erin McLaughlin and Dr. Pierre Paradis
Doctors of Chiropractic

Fever. Many parents are frightened by the very word. Fever is one of the most common reasons that parents seek medical attention for their children. Continue reading

Healthy “Fried” Chicken

One of the best parts about cooking healthy food is when you make something that tastes like it should be bad for you. Continue reading

Healthy Apple Crisp

As you know, apples are in season in Ontario right now, so it’s time to start taking advantage of them! Royal Gala and Honeycrisp are my personal favs for snacks, while Cortland, Empire and Granny Smith are tart and perfect for baking. Continue reading

Healthy Baking with Bananas

The next time you’re grocery shopping buy double the amount of bananas you normally would. Let one bunch get nice & ripe, and than pop them in the freezer. Continue reading

Healthy Cottage Snacks

For me, the perfect cottage weekends are filled with morning runs or bike rides followed by swimming in the lake, tanning and reading mags on the dock with friends and family, kayaking, boat cruises at sunset, camp fires, and of course delicious meals and snacks. Continue reading

Healthy Glowing Skin Starts on the Inside

If you want to achieve healthy-looking skin, it’s not about what you put on your body that makes a difference, it’s what you put into your body that matters. Continue reading

Healthy Holiday Baking

If you’re in the baking mood I have a great list of delicious and healthy Christmas baking recipes that you’ll be eager to make and share this Christmas season. The best part? You can tell people they’re healthy, and they won’t believe it! Continue reading

Healthy Homemade Salad Dressing

I always encourage my clients to make their own salad dressing instead of buying it at the store. Most pre-packaged, store-bought dressings are full of preservatives, sugar, salt and unhealthy oils. Continue reading

Healthy Soda and the Weekly Health Tip

We just spent a weekend up at the cottage, and I was excited to see there was a new kitchen gadget to play with: the Soda Stream. Continue reading

Healthy Yogurt Choices

I consider yogurt a healthy breakfast, snack or dessert option. It’s a great source of protein, vitamin D, calcium, and healthy bacteria , which is good for digestion. That being said, not all yogurt is created equal. Continue reading

Hello Spring, Are You There?

By Crystal McLeod

Today is April 4. (I know, duh – your calendar already shows you that!).

This time last year I walked around barefoot in my front yard, feet grazing the grass, as I readied my flower beds for the upcoming planting season. Continue reading

Holiday Leftovers

Compiled by R. Legault.
What on earth am I going to do with them? Well, when life gives you chicken carcasses and beef bones, you make pot pie! Continue reading

Homework SMART

Plan, persist and seek help, if needed Continue reading

How To Recharge Your Whole Health in 1 Month, Part III

By Trinity Chiropractic

Welcome back! Feeling refreshed yet? We’re doing a special three-part series on revitalizing your entire well being by working on all six aspects of your health over the course of 1 month (mental, social, spiritual, environmental, emotional and physical). The goal? To feel revived, refreshed, and healthier than before! Continue reading

I am Santa

By Alan Viau

“There’s Santa,” a little girl exclaimed as I walked into the photo studio. Yes, I am Santa. For those few moments with the kids I symbolize a whole lot of myths. And it takes a lot more than Ho Ho Ho to win them over. Continue reading

In Great Hands

By Pam Dillon

Feeling a little achy and anxious as your pregnancy progresses? Seek out expert TLC, support and comfort at a special place in old Ottawa south. Continue reading

In Sir John A.’s Footsteps

Looking for a fun day trip or weekend getaway? Head to Kingston and take a walk  “In Sir John A.’s Footsteps.” The popular theatrical walking tour is a huge hit with visitors of all ages and it’s on tap this summer from July 1 to September 2. Continue reading

In Step with Tradition

Sheela Chandrashekar has spent over three decades nurturing Indian classical dance | by Bhavana Gopinath Continue reading

Instant Kids

Say hello to jam hands and a plushie avalanche

by Jordan Danger

What happens to kid-free individuals who meet, fall in love and forge relationships with single parents? We develop a bewildering condition called Instant Kids. Continue reading

Is texting KPC (keeping parents clueless)?

A generation or two ago, there was an easy entrance into the world of teens. It featured a warning signal, and was often attached to the wall. Brrrng, brrrng. “Hello?” “Hi. Is Cathy home?” Inevitably, a lot of the phone calls in an average family household were for the younger set, aged 12 or 13 and up. The loud sound and the activity provided parents with an opening to ask a question or two. “Who was that, honey?” Pause. “What did he want?” In some instances, the parent managed to get to the telephone first. Then, anything was possible. Details could emerge. “A party? Really?” Continue reading

Is texting KPC (keeping parents clueless)?

By: Pat Ross

Should you want to stay connected with your kids and understand how they communicate, it’s wise to begin researching — and texting — RN (right now). Continue reading

Is this an eating disorder?

By Barb Duncan

In the summer between Grade 9 and Grade 10, Sara Cameron* registered for a learn-to-run program. Pretty soon, she was covering five kilometres with ease. “She talked about trying a half marathon,” her mom, Liz, recalls. Continue reading

Is Your Frying Pan Safe?

It can be overwhelming enough to keep track of which food and drinks are healthy, and now I’m talking about your cookware too. I feel the same frustration when I hear about yet another common food, drink or everyday item that’s no longer considered healthy or safe to use. Continue reading

It’s My Potty

Relax. Your child. will. not. start high school while still in diapers. Although parents sometimes lament that dry undies—day and night—might never come about, sooner or later youngsters are ready, willing and able to do their own toileting. Continue reading

It’s easy to show your ♥

Sure, roses and truffles and diamonds are nice. But you don’t need to empty your wallet to show your favourite peeps how much you care. Your time, attention and TLC are the best Valentine’s Day gifts of all. Continue reading

July 1 Entertaining Fun

Having guests for Canada Day? Rain or shine you can have a blast – without much sweat. Continue reading

Kale Hummus

Looking for a tasty weekend (or any-day) treat? Try Lauren’s Kale Hummus. It’s packed with flavor and goodness. Continue reading

Kayla Kicks Like a World Champ

Kayla Maduk kicks like a girl – a girl who is the best on the planet at her chosen sport.  How’s that for kicks? Continue reading

Kids Fest on Sparks Street

Fun times are in store for the whole family August 24 and 25 at Kids Fest on Sparks Street.  Running from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days, this street festival celebrates children, their families and the community. Continue reading

Kids, Pets and Heaven?

One afternoon while the kids were outside playing with my husband I saw him. Poor Dory was vertical, nose down in the rocks. I was very, very sad actually, way more than I ever expected over a fish.
Then it hit me, I had to tell Ava, my daughter. She would be devastated! Continue reading

Let’s raise our voices about mental health

Just days ago, in a crowd of Ottawa families, I was chatting with some people when the volume of the conversation dropped to whisper-level. I found out later that a fellow parent – friend, neighbor, beloved individual – had committed suicide. Continue reading

LGBT Lanark County the first LGBT Civitan Club in the world!

The Smiths Falls Civitan Club is making history. Just days ago, the club invited LGBT Lanark County to join forces, in a move that will see LGBT Lanark County become the first LGBT Civitan Club in the World. Continue reading

Little Lotus Yoga

by Samantha Brazeau-Wilson

Yoga? For wee ones? Absolutely! Little Lotus Yoga offers classes throughout the Ottawa and Gatineau areas that the whole family can enjoy — right from the start. Amanda DeGrace, the self-proclaimed yoga lover behind LLY, believes everybody can and should have the opportunity to do yoga. “All are welcome and no yoga experience is necessary,” she says. That means all ages too. Continue reading

Love Mustard

I love mustard. Do you? There are a few reasons you should make mustard your condiment of choice: Continue reading

Lunch Evolution

By Alan Viau

Making nutritious school lunches the kids will eat is a challenge. The solution involves whatever they can or will eat, as long as it’s healthy. However, what they decide to put into their lunch bags might surprise you! Continue reading

Make it a Date!

One of the tricks to healthy baking is to find a natural, unrefined sweetener to substitute for refined sugar. Ripe bananas, unpasteurized honey, coconut palm sugar, real maple syrup and dates are my top choices. Continue reading

Making a splash in the kiddie pool

By Alan Viau
There is nothing better than running through water on a hot day. It is the most fun way to cool kids off during these scorching summer holidays. And an inexpensive kiddie pool is just the thing. Continue reading

Maple Ginger Cedar-Plank Salmon Recipe

A few weeks ago I discovered the True North Salmon Company, a North American company that sells hormone and antibiotic-free, sustainably caught, farmed Atlantic salmon. Continue reading

Maple Mustard Glazed Salmon

Planning to invite people for a barbecue? Unless it’s the Little League team (avec siblings), skip the burgers and dogs. Treat your guests and yourself to this irresistible salmon that’s a cinch to prepare and always a hit. Continue reading

March Break and spring fun in the city

The countdown is on for March Break. In just days, students will be off school for a week. YIKES! What are you going to do? Just because they get a break, it doesn’t mean you do. Continue reading

Melting for Chocolate

Chocolate has also been linked to a number of health benefits, particularly reduced risk of heart disease. Read on for some delicious chocolatey recipes that will bring smiles to the whole family. Continue reading

Mental Health is a Community Issue

By Amanda Jetté Knox

Nine-year-old Maya suffers from an anxiety disorder, one of the most common mental illnesses faced by Canadians. “She has good days and bad days,” explains her mother. “But school is a trigger for her. Continue reading

Moving into Fall Wardrobes

By Crystal McLeod

As much as I love fall, I was not ready for it to come on so strong this year! It feels like immediately after the Labour Day long weekend, the warm weather disappeared and fall fully took over! Continue reading

Music and Beyond

Ashbury College partner to bring music into lives of young people. Fundraiser features special guest Oliver Jones. Continue reading

Musical Taste of Our Heritage

What a way to mark Family Day Weekend! Odyssey Showcase is presenting Canada Roars: A Musical Taste of Our Canadian Heritage February 16 at the Algonquin Commons Theatre. Continue reading

My Kids and Don Giovanni

You never know what careers kids will choose. As the result of a musical upbringing, two of our kids are involved with the Glenn Gould School production of the opera Don Giovanni. Continue reading

My Part of Town is Orléans

by Loukia Zigoum

When I got married and my husband and I were looking for a new house to buy, I never imagined we’d go east. However, we quickly fell in love with the neighborhood of Chapel Hill in Orleans, and now, ten years later, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Continue reading

NatureTalks will get you talking about science

Want to expand your mind and feed your curiosity in 2014? Don’t miss NatureTalks.  Presented by The Canadian Museum of Nature, it’s an exciting new opportunity to explore science and its role in our lives. Continue reading

New sleep guideline says back is best for baby

“A lot of myths and misunderstanding about the best way to position a baby still exist, and we hope this guideline will lay the debate to rest,” says nurse practitioner Elyse Maindonald, who led the panel of experts that created the guideline. Continue reading

No Magic to Being Kind

I was standing there with my finger bleeding, having a silent chat with the Household Management Fairy. “You can do it,” I insisted, imagining Disney’s finest flying over our roof, waving a sparkling wand and delivering magic. Continue reading

NomNoms: Tasty, Nutritious Weekday Dinner

#WFD: What’s For Dinner? If you’re wondering what to put on the table tonight or tomorrow night, these stress-free recipes are filling and packed with goodness. You can easily modify both of them to suit your family’s tastes. Continue reading

Orpheus Presents LEGALLY BLONDE The Musical

Ready for a fun night out? Orpheus Musical Theatre Society is presenting Legally Blonde The Musical at Centrepointe Theatre from November 22 to December 1.  It will be a show full of all things pink, with passion and purpose in the story and the performance. Continue reading

Ottawa’s Going to the Dogs

Chewy and Shep are taking centre stage in the city this week at The Ottawa Kennel Club’s All Breed Championship Dog Show. Come and celebrate the 126th edition of this spectacular canine show from Friday, November 15, through Sunday, November 17 at the Ernst & Young Centre, 4899 Uplands Drive. Continue reading

Outings for the Entire Family

By: Barbara Bottriell

Weekends are a great time to head up to the Gatineau Hills for a family outing. It can open your eyes to the wonders of winter — and it means only a short time in the car to get there. Continue reading

Outstanding Principal

“Rene Bibaud is the finest principal I have known and the best role model I can imagine…” Continue reading

Parent Support

90 Harmer Ave North, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 0T9
p. (613)793-6618
e. Joanne@parentsupport.ca
w. http://parentsupport.ca Continue reading

Passion for Running

By Barbara Dundas

When my husband, a civilian employee for the Department of National Defence, was in Afghanistan for five months in 2010, I started running. I did so for two reasons: to get away from worrying about my husband and to escape the stresses of single parenting. What I have, two years later, is a passion for running. Continue reading

Past the due date

by Barb Duncan

After months of anticipation, you can wind up feeling a little nonplussed when your due date comes and goes. The baby’s room is complete, you’ve washed, folded and counted the sleepers numerous times and everything is ready— except Junior. Your little one may be rocking and rolling in your tummy, but there’s no indication he or she is about to come out to play. What do you do now? Continue reading

Pay it Forward and Recycle

Now’s your chance to share your stuff with people who could really use it and appreciate it.  The City of Ottawa’s Fall Give Away Weekend is taking place this Saturday, October 26, and Sunday, October 27, all across town. Continue reading

Philips ​​BEARDTRIMMER Series 7000 Vacuum beard trimmer

Want a great trimming experience without the mess? This handy trimmer has a vacuum chamber, works for long and short beards and even has a perfect stubble setting! Continue reading

Pirate Adventures

by Stephen Johnson

Did you know pirates ply their trade on the Rideau River?  Before you sell the cottage or give up the boat, these pirates are friendly.  They sail out of Mooney’s Bay and go by the name Pirate Adventures. Continue reading

Plus One: Adapting to a Bigger Brood

by Alyssa Delle Palme

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, the first thing I did was buy my firstborn, Henry, a big brother T-shirt. I was thrilled to be expecting again and I wanted my son to feel special and share in my excitement. It took me by surprise when I suddenly started to feel guilty about my pregnancy. Continue reading

Potential? Unlimited

by Tammy Culhane

There are well-traveled paths to success for post-secondary students with disabilities.

  Continue reading

Put a Lid On It

By: Pat Ross

Kids across the city are itching to hit the road on bikes, skateboards, in-line skates and scooters. As soon as the streets are clear of snow, their wheels will be in motion. But what about their helmets? Continue reading

Radio Flyer EZ Fold Stroll ‘N Trike

The EZ Fold Stroll ‘N Trike™ is designed to fold in one easy step so you can store or take it anywhere. This 4 in 1 trike is a great grow-with-me trike offering the many features and  fun for kids 9 months to 5 years. Continue reading

Real Maple Syrup

If you’re still buying Aunt Jemima’s butter flavor “maple syrup” it’s time to stop because there’s nothing local, natural or nutritious about it. Make the switch to real maple syrup that’s produced in Ontario and 100 percent natural and healthy! Continue reading

Revolution SE by BOB Gear

Designed for all of your adventures. Perfect for jogging or walking with its front swivel wheel, the all-terrain Revolution SE is the way for families to be active together, no matter where they end up. Continue reading

Round Square “There is more in you than you think”

Ottawa’s Ashbury College is the only school in the area that’s involved in an empowering international program called Round Square. Continue reading


by Alan Viau

You want your kids to become successful adults. I certainly encouraged mine to be the best they could become in their chosen fields. But what approaches have proven to be winning strategies for success? Continue reading

Say No for Nick

By Pam Dillon

What’s new? “Nothing.” So when the youngest came home from his final exam a few weeks ago, I wasn’t expecting any revelations. How did it go? “Good.” Was it hard? “No.” He sat down. I looked over. “Mom,” he said, “Nick Cody died.” Continue reading

SCOOBY-DOO LIVE! Musical Mysteries

Want to enjoy a special family treat? SCOOBY-DOO LIVE! Musical Mysteries is a SPOOKtacular show that’s onstage at Centrepointe Theatre Wednesday, April 9, and Thursday, April 10. Continue reading

Shepherd’s Pie For The Win (FTW)!

Winter sports season is in full swing. That means kids are burning energy and need to refuel with nutrient-dense foods. This shepherd’s pie fits the bill perfectly. It’s full of protein, veggies and carbohydrates… For The Win (FTW)! Continue reading

Shift the focus to healthy behaviours

By Barb Duncan Are you worried about the size of your children? The latest report from Statistics Canada shows about a third of Canadian kids are overweight or obese. That fact has parents wondering what to do, since excess weight … Continue reading

Shift the focus to healthy behaviours

By: Barb Duncan

Are you worried about the size of your children? The latest report from Statistics Canada shows about a third of Canadian kids are overweight or obese. That fact has parents wondering what to do, since excess weight in childhood can lead to a host of health issues. Continue reading

Shoes to Fit

By Pat Ross

It was near the end of August when Joanie had the meltdown. At the time, we were 10-year-old cousins in the midst of a back-to-school shopping trip. The day was hot, the excursion was seemingly endless and there were four of us kids with just one adult, my uncle. When Joanie saw the platform heels in the middle of the shoe section at the department store, she had to have them. Continue reading

Should Toddlers Be Exposed to Technology?

By Kathy Lane
Technology in the hands of a toddler can be like handing the world’s nuclear codes over to North Korea. You don’t know what they’re going to do with it or if you’ll ever get it back. Continue reading

Six Steps to Healthy Dinners

Cooking an easy, healthy meal doesn’t have to be complicated; it’s all about how you approach it. You can put together a different healthy meal every night simply by switching up your combination of ingredients. Continue reading

Skate Central, Canada? Oui, You’re Here

By Pam Dillon

Skate Central, Canada? Imagine one chance to make a dream come true. Picture just four and a half minutes to prove you’re Canada’s best figure skater in your discipline. From January 9 to 15, the country’s brightest stars will be leaving it all on the ice at the Canadian Tire National Figure Skating Championships. The stakes? Extraordinary. The spotlight? Dazzling. Continue reading

Skip Hop

Mate – stay-put mat + plate Now your baby can have their very own table setting! Bright and fun, Mate just might make your tot excited to eat their veggies. The happy-face place mat keeps them entertained while the plate … Continue reading

Slumber Tricks

By Allison Davis

Whoever made up the phrase “sleep like a baby” obviously got lucky. The truth is that most babies don’t sleep through the night. In fact, many toddlers don’t either. Here are some ways to help you out. Continue reading

Solving Those Math Homework Problems

Worried about supporting your kids to do their math homework?  You’re not alone. Last night, the parents of kids at Navan’s Heritage Public School went back to math class. Say what? Continue reading

Soothing the baby

By Alan Viau

Is the thing we put in a babies’ mouths called a soother or a pacifier? Frankly, it really doesn’t matter as long as it calms them down. Sometimes it’s called a thumb. Continue reading

Squawking for Guac

My kids (big and bigger) devour guacamole. Yes, they squawk over who gets the rest of the bowl; that’s why I often make a double batch. You’d almost think it was junk food. Instead, it’s loaded with healthy goodness, so I serve it often. Continue reading

Step away from that lucky charm

Pregnant women are often the centre of public attention. There’s nothing like the swell of growing human life — covered in a maternity dress — to elicit comments from strangers. Continue reading

Step away from that lucky charm

“It must be a boy. You’re carrying low.” “Are you expecting twins?” “I imagine you’re planning to breastfeed, right?” Pregnant women are often the centre of public attention. There’s nothing like the swell of growing human life – covered in … Continue reading

Stop bullying? Really

by Jeremy Dias Guess what? The best research from universities and ministries of education has made it clear: a presentation on bullying does not work. All those slides? The graphs and statistics? Zzzzzz. Kids tune out—and fast. After all, why … Continue reading

Struggle to pay for an education

By Alan Viau

More post-secondary students than ever before are working at part-time jobs. As a result of the increasing costs of education, students work up to 20 hours per week. But is this a good thing or a bad thing? Continue reading

Supplemental Insurance

Planning to add to your family? Whether a pregnancy test has already revealed you’re expecting or you’re finally ready to try and conceive, you want to be certain you and the baby-to-be are getting all the nourishment you need. Continue reading

Sweetest Halloween treats are swim or skate tickets

Drop that bag of chocolate bars. Move away from those boxes of serving-size potato chips. Run as though a zombie is chasing you to the nearest Ottawa recreation centre.  And keep going until you fill up on the sweetest of Halloween treats: Trick or Swim or Skate Tickets. Continue reading

T-fal Easy Pro Deep Fryer

Deep fry like a pro! Designed with family sized capacity, the new Easy Pro Deep Fryer can hold up to 2.2lbs of food. Continue reading

Thai Shrimp Salad Recipe

I think most of us feel a little sluggish at this time of year and we could certainly use a break from rich, heavy food. Continue reading

Thai Zucchini Noodle Salad with Sesame Peanut Dressing

The other day I bought an awesome new kitchen gadget: the OXO Julienne Peeler (available at The Bay for $10.99). It works like a regular peeler, but the blade is serrated to form long, skinny strips of whatever you’re peeling. Continue reading

The Community Calling

by Julie Harrison
photos by John Major

As an entrepreneur, wife, mother and, last but not least, community advocate, Denise Siele is a woman who makes things happen. and the community of Ottawa is better off for it. Continue reading

The Goodluck Assembly at the Shenkman

How’s this for a fun night out? Shenkman Arts Centre’s Richcraft Theatre will be transformed into a nightclub next Friday, February 7, when two Ottawa bands hit the stage. Continue reading

The Marvelous Wonderettes Coming This Weekend

By Alan Viau

How about a dinner theatre show your whole family can enjoy? Suzart Productions is serving up a new entertaining musical, The Marvelous Wonderettes! It’s onstage tonight, August 16, tomorrow, August 17, and August 22 to 24 at Britannia United Church. Continue reading

Thinking Outside (and Inside!) the Box

At W.O Mitchell Elementary School.

The biggest, most elaborate, most colourful brand-name play castle or ride-on toy will sit gathering dust while the little dudes have a blast with cardboard. Now, an Ottawa school is taking the idea a big — and wonderful — step further. Continue reading

Time to Detox

Everyone is interested in detoxing at this time of year. You’ve overdone it over the holidays, and want to rid your body of built-up toxins. I’ve put together an awesome smoothie recipe that includes fresh, raw ingredients that will do the trick. Continue reading

Toddlers at the Restaurant Table

If you happen to be sitting at a table near Nash Patrick, a certain chubby-cheeked, brown-eyed fellow perched in a highchair, prepare to duck. Food can fly while in the bowl. When there’s cutlery within reach, well, you’ve been warned. The young man about town may have a future in shot put or discus. Continue reading

Toddlers at the Restaurant Table

If you happen to be sitting at a table near Nash Patrick, a certain chubby-cheeked, brown-eyed fellow perched in a highchair, prepare to duck. Food can fly while in the bowl. When there’s cutlery within reach, well, you’ve been warned. The young man about town may have a future in shot put or discus. Continue reading

Top 10 better back-to-school tips

Savvy eco-bloggers and expert parents have joined David Suzuki’s Queen of Green, Tovah Paglaro, to offer these top ten tips for setting green back-to-school habits. Continue reading

Turkey Butternut Chili

Making a big pot of chili on a cold day is just perfect. When I’m cold, I definitely don’t crave salads.  I want something warm, healthy and satisfying. It’s even better when I can use seasonal winter vegetables! Continue reading

Unhooked – Kids, Drugs and What Parents Can Do

Like it or not, today’s kids are exposed to movies, music, videos and social situations that normalize and glamorize substance use and drug culture. The reality is anything but glamorous and DOCAS helps get that message across. Continue reading

Upper Canada Village

When Ally and Bobby Montminy first arrived at Upper Canada Village during their 2011 summer break, they knew it was going to be an unforgettable week. Continue reading

Vacations for families in need

Do you know a family that could really use a break? There are lots of area households that don’t have the financial means to enjoy a holiday away from home. And as the summer winds down, some parents and kids aren’t looking forward to anything. No plans, special treats or getaways are in the offing. Continue reading

Watching the Oscars and Parenting Boys

I made a not-so-rookie parenting mistake Sunday: I let enthusiasm and sparkle-lust get in the way of logic. Continue reading

We Day-Canada is April 9 at Canadian Tire Centre

Canadian Tire Centre is the place to be April 9. Youth by the busloads will be streaming into 1000 Palladium Drive for the second annual We Day-Canada event. Talk about a pep rally! Continue reading

We need to talk about Theresa and Peter Lefebvre

You’ve heard the story. A husband and wife – a dad and a mom – are dead. Two local boys have no parents. Just last week – was it only last week? – those young lads headed out the door … Continue reading

We’re walking In Sir John A.’s Footsteps

By Pam Dillon

If there’s one thing my family is doing for sure before the end of the summer, it’s this: we’re taking the walk In Sir John A.’s Footsteps.  I can hardly wait to go on the theatrical walking tour in downtown Kingston. Excited? You bet. Continue reading

Weathering Winter

It’s a Family Health and Safety Issue. Know what really bites? Frostbite, hypothermia and realizing, a half an hour after your kids hopped on the bus, that they’ve forgotten their mitts or snow pants in the hall closet. Continue reading

What to get Dad? Try the Five Ts

By Alan Viau

Father’s Day gifts always seem a little awkward. They tend to fall into four T categories: Ties, Tools, Technology and Treats. Continue reading

WHOOSH! Cooking Lesson Up in Flames

It was what they call one of those “teachable moments.” I looked over at my son, just a couple of feet away, as the wok he was holding burst into flames.  WHOOSH! Continue reading

Winterlude fun in Orléans!

If you live in the east end, you don’t have to travel far to enjoy Winterlude festivities this year. Just go to Orléans! Loads of fun events are on tap this month, in conjunction with the Winterlude schedule. Continue reading

WW KD (What Would Kathy Do)?

Humourist and parenting author Kathy Buckworth’s latest offering, I Am So The Boss of You, is a smart mom’s guide to taking charge of the family. Continue reading

Yay for Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa!

Ninety years young, the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa provides kids with a fun and supportive place to belong, believe and achieve. Continue reading

Youth Connexion

by Samantha Brazeau-Wilson

Do your teens need to disconnect from their tech toys and reconnect to the outside world? If you live in the west end, Youth Connexion might be the perfect outlet. It’s a City of Ottawa program that encourages young people aged 12 to 18 to get more involved in the community and to fulfill their potential. Continue reading

Youth Suicide and the Mom Beside Me

Truth is, thousands of families in this city are dealing with the challenges of mental illness. Truth is, suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people. Truth is, the mom I met might be your neighbor or your child’s teacher or you. That’s why I’m supporting D.I.F.D.’s 2013 Power to the Purple Challenge. Continue reading