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Is texting KPC (keeping parents clueless)?

A generation or two ago, there was an easy entrance into the world of teens. It featured a warning signal, and was often attached to the wall. Brrrng, brrrng. “Hello?” “Hi. Is Cathy home?” Inevitably, a lot of the phone calls in an average family household were for the younger set, aged 12 or 13 and up. The loud sound and the activity provided parents with an opening to ask a question or two. “Who was that, honey?” Pause. “What did he want?” In some instances, the parent managed to get to the telephone first. Then, anything was possible. Details could emerge. “A party? Really?” Continue reading

Skip Hop

Mate – stay-put mat + plate Now your baby can have their very own table setting! Bright and fun, Mate just might make your tot excited to eat their veggies. The happy-face place mat keeps them entertained while the plate … Continue reading