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3 Little Monkeys

1150 Bank St
Ottawa ON K1S 3X6
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Embrace Baby Belly and Show it Some Love

If you decide to have one more baby, embrace that baby belly and show it some love. Sarah Hampel tells us why maternity clothing is worth the investment. Continue reading

FAB Baby Gear

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Haute Mama


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In Great Hands

By Pam Dillon

Feeling a little achy and anxious as your pregnancy progresses? Seek out expert TLC, support and comfort at a special place in old Ottawa south. Continue reading

My Pregnancy 2012: The Latest Research and Advice on your Pregnancy and Birth

Looking for the most up-to-date advice on pregnancy? Usually, pregnancy books are a tad outdated. Not this one, by Joanna Girling… Continue reading

Plus One: Adapting to a Bigger Brood

by Alyssa Delle Palme

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, the first thing I did was buy my firstborn, Henry, a big brother T-shirt. I was thrilled to be expecting again and I wanted my son to feel special and share in my excitement. It took me by surprise when I suddenly started to feel guilty about my pregnancy. Continue reading

Red Chair Kids

1318 Wellington Street West
Ottawa, ON  K1Y 3B7
Tel: (613) 798-5437
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Step away from that lucky charm

Pregnant women are often the centre of public attention. There’s nothing like the swell of growing human life — covered in a maternity dress — to elicit comments from strangers. Continue reading

Supplemental Insurance

Planning to add to your family? Whether a pregnancy test has already revealed you’re expecting or you’re finally ready to try and conceive, you want to be certain you and the baby-to-be are getting all the nourishment you need. Continue reading

Why So Few Midwives? An OpEd

Did you use the services of a midwife when you had your last baby? Would you like to have a midwife for your next one? This OpEd is a great read. Why do we have so few midwives in Canada? … Continue reading