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Chick Week Confidential

On a summer road trip, a mother, two daughters and a grandmother discover each other By Candace Derickx   In the summer of 2008 I hit the road with my daughters (aged three and five at the time) for a … Continue reading

Road Trip Survival

Doing the classic family road trip this summer? Yay for you. This handy checklist will help you pack smart and get off to a good start.   Take It -Medications. -Identification and/or passports. -Money, credit and debit cards, and/or traveller’s … Continue reading

SANITY SAVER Road Trip Rituals

Woo Hoo! We’re on the way, we’re on the way on the way to… The Summer Road Trip

Kelli Catana tells us how to survive and enjoy Continue reading

Travelling for March Break? Gear Up!

 The countdown is on. In just a few days, the kids are on March Break and many families will be heading away on a spring adventure. If you’re travelling out of town, be sure to mmake To Do lists and … Continue reading

Vacation Ideas: Families ♥ Boston

Have you thought about heading to Boston for a family vacay? It’s a beautiful road trip and this historic destination has charms to dazzle all ages. Continue reading