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3 DIY Projects to Tackle with Your Kids

It’s important to get the family together as often as possible for quality time, but instead of relying on the same game nights, expensive vacations or weekend movie matinees where you stare silently at the screen for a couple of … Continue reading

Hello Spring, Are You There?

By Crystal McLeod

Today is April 4. (I know, duh – your calendar already shows you that!).

This time last year I walked around barefoot in my front yard, feet grazing the grass, as I readied my flower beds for the upcoming planting season. Continue reading

Let’s Talk

It’s Springtacular! Let the fun begin.

  Continue reading

Pests Springing to Life? Make Them Bug Off!

Just as the earth awakens, so do the pests that proliferate through the warm months. Not only are they an annoyance, they’re also a health risk. Here’s what you can do. Continue reading

Spring Clean your Diet

I’m teaching a workshop next week on how to “Detox from Winter, and Clean up Your Diet for Spring” so I thought I would share a few tidbits from my workshop with my loyal blog readers. Continue reading

Spruce Up Your Home For A New Look

By Loukia Zigoumis Spring is the season for renewal, for all things new and fresh. After a harsh winter, we’re slowly coming out of hibernation and soon we’ll be putting away cold-weather gear, opening windows and letting the sunshine in. … Continue reading

This Little Piggy Went To……

Looking for a little inexpensive fun this spring — and a whole lot of cuteness? Head over to the Experimental Farm to visit the sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens and pigs — and welcome their new arrivals. Continue reading

Wine for Celebrating Spring. Cheers!

TGIF? Hooray for a fab March Break? Let’s celebrate spring with these five styles of wine that will stir our senses. Continue reading

Witnessing the World of Spring Beyond the Front Step

Jacquelyn Toupin and her family celebrate spring with yearly traditions such as garden planning, seed ordering, baby chick snuggling, and reading stories. They also enjoy nature journaling.

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