Take the 30×30 Nature Challenge

Are you ready to get a move on? May is Physical Activity Month and that’s a great excuse to get outside and play, regardless of your age.

In fact, now’s the perfect time to sign up for the David Suzuki Foundation’s fourth annual 30×30 Nature Challenge. It run during May and last year over 15,000 people made the pledge to spend 30 minutes outside each day for 30 days.

It’s that simple. You spend 30 minutes outdoors for 30 days straight. Walk the dog, take a hike with the kids, explore the neighbourhood on foot—there are loads of possibilities. This is the perfect time of year to start gardening, to get out the bikes and go, and to discover some of Ottawa numerous glorious parks, nature trails and green spaces.



Yes, you’ll notice the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees, and the thing called nature. In these parts, it’s grand.

“We want to encourage Canadians to get outside and enjoy nature more often. Little by little, you can cultivate the nature habit,” according to 30×30.davidsuzuki.org. “We recommend putting your electronic devices away so you can use all your senses to listen for bird song, breathe fresh air and watch for local wildlife.”

As the website also notes, this healthy challenge can be particularly beneficial for kids. “Children today spend less time outdoors than any generation in human history. Canadian kids spend on average six hours each day in front of the TV or computer and less than an hour outdoors.

Time in nature can reduce stress and symptoms of attention-deficit disorders while boosting immunity, energy levels and creativity. Plus, children who spend time in nature are far more likely to protect it later in life.”

Thirty minutes a day for 30 days? It’s all good.  You’ll find daily tips and lots more helpful information at 30×30 Nature Challenge.

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