Take Your Temperament!

Do Your have a Family of Hot-Heads?
A Sensitive Spouse? A Gregarious Middle Child? 

Get to know each other better and get a grip on family harmony, via this helpful book by Nanci Burns.  

Take Your Temperament! Finding the way to family harmony through an understanding of diverse temperaments 
By: Nanci Burns, MSW, RSW and Nancy Rubenstein, ECE, RT
ISBN 978-1-894439-47-3

Have you been described as introverted? Ambitious? Impulsive? Sociable? How about the rest of your family? You might have one child who is talkative and boisterous, while his or her sibling seems to be the exact opposite  quiet and reserved. Temperament is at the core of how we see and respond to our world. And it impacts how our family units function. 

It is the significant reason that children act differently even within the same family — in spite of having the same parents, culture and environment. Individual differences in temperament among family members can also be a major factor in making family life positive — or stressful. This workbook is designed to be a fun, interactive opportunity for you and your children to get to know each other better in an engaging and meaningful way. It invites parents and children to explore how they react to the world and to do so without guilt or shame. The book also presents wonderful possibilities to talk honestly with each other and to enjoy some quality family time in the process. 

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