Talking About Opioid Abuse and Recovery



Worried somebody in your family might be hooked on painkillers or prescription meds?
Worried about your teen and, possibly, pills missing from the family medicine cabinet? Worried about one of your parents?
Worried about another one of your loved ones?

It’s good to be concerned. Even better to take steps to help.

Certainly, there is cause for alarm:
Here in Ontario alone nearly 2,5000 opioid-related overdoses happed between 2011 and 2014. That’s a direct result of the 900 per cent increase in opioid abuse since 1991.

In a 2012 survey, 410,000 Canadians reported abusing prescription drugs like opioid pain relievers.

As recently as April of 2016, the Globe and Mail reported Canada is the world’s second-largest per capita consumer of opioids . Just a few weeks later, says Canada has shot up to number one in this scary world ranking system.

According to, “More than 360,000 Canadians are dependent on prescription opioids, while only approximately a third of them are currently receiving treatment. Equally concerning is the fact that the World Health Organization now reports that Canada is now the number one consumer of prescription opioids in the world.”

Is your kid one of those consumers?

Are you one of them?

Perhaps you’re worried about yourself. That’s okay. You can get help and live better.

For starters, here’s a definition of opioids from Drug Free Kids Canada: “Commonly referred to as painkillers, Opioids are drugs that contain opium or are derived from and imitate opium. They are prescribed for pain relief and are only available by prescription.”

The website notes that although stats suggest a drop in the number of youth who admit to taking prescription drugs, “thousands of teenagers continue to loot from medicine cabinets at home to get medications, most of which are opioid painkillers. In many cases, the medicine cabinet at home has replaced the local drug pusher as the source of teenagers’ drugs of choice.”

Today, spokesman Chris Cull, filmmaker and founder of Inspire by Example, is in Ottawa to talk about opioid abuse and recovery. Chris is a recovering opioid addict and he’s speaking out about his story of recovery, the values of and how together Canadians can help eliminate prescription and opioid drug abuse.

If you need help or want to help someone you love, here are some starting points:

The Regional Opioid Intervention Service




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