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Editor’s Note: The city is full of great people who contribute to the community. This bright, talented Ottawa resident cares — and it shows in the cards she creates

Tammy’s Awesome Greetings (T.A.G.) 
By Tammy Culhane

I have been living in Ottawa for 22 years now, and looking back, I’d have to say the move was when my “second life” began. I came to the city, with the amazing support of my family, to go to college. It was an enormous deal for someone with a disability. In the years that followed, I took many different directions.  I obtained three different diplomas, did some public speaking engagements regarding disability-related issues, joined the boards of a few non profit organizations and even led a fundraising committee for eight years.  As you can see, I love keeping busy and lending my support to worthy causes.

Even though it appears I had zero free time, I managed to develop a hobby.  It sounds kind of crazy but I never thought of it as a hobby until someone pointed it out to me.  It just felt – and continues to feel — like part of me, of how I live and who I am:  I create and make my own greetings cards.
I started this over 15 years ago.  I was always buying cards for every occasion and sending them to show I cared.  One day I discovered card-making software and the next thing I knew I was sending out even more cards.  People were actually looking forward to receiving my cards. In fact, they became a highlight of any occasion.

My hobby took an interesting turn three years ago.  Someone asked me to make a card for her to give to her mother for her birthday; she was working all day and didn’t have time to go shopping for one.  This got me thinking I might be onto something.  So I created a card name, A Touch of TLC Creations, and I made flyers just to see where this idea could go.  I put the flyers out at the Ottawa 67’s hockey games, since this was a place where I was known and felt comfortable.  I had them out for three weeks at the games and heard nothing from anyone.

Then one day a few months ago, when I was at a 67’s event, a lady asked to see some of my samples.  She was standing there talking to me and I had no clue what she was talking about —  but of course I didn’t want her to know that.  I created her cards within the week and she was very pleased.

Since then, I have been fortunate to develop a group of faithful followers, who want my cards for all occasions.  Several people have commented and still comment that they simply can’t get enough of my creations!

Just this summer, I decided my card name needed to be a bit shorter, more catchy.  I renamed it, with the help of some great friends, to Tammie’s Awesome Greetings, T.A.G. for short.

My cards and creations allow me to express my creativity — and for someone with a physical disability, this is huge.  Just as the person giving the card does, I put thought and care into every creation.  My reward in all of this is having people appreciate my talent.

For more information on my cards, to see samples (via email) and to place an order, please contact me at t.a.g.12@rogers.com.


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