The Diaper Pail That Doesn’t Stink

Mom, meet Ubbi – the Can of Steel!
(Baby’s room is smelling better already…)

Admit it. You’ve turned your nose up, maybe even plugged it. All parents (and babysitters) know the lowly diaper pail is, in a word, nasty.

You might be inclined to think of it as the baby-days equivalent to a garbage pail… of a toilet.

Think again! The Ubbi takes the stench out of the pail – and the dread out of changing those diapers. Made of powder coated steel, it does not absorb odours the way plastic does and it is easy to clean.

Convenient and economical, the Ubbi fits standard kitchen bags and it’s simple  to load, use and empty. It even looks good!
 Sleek and modern in appearance, it’s also
customizable with decals.

Rubber seals prevent leaks and keep 
odours locked in, and an innovative sliding lid minimizes air disruption to
 prevent odours from escaping.
Better yet, a child- proof safety lock prevents children from getting into.. ah.. trouble.

The Ubbi is an uber good addition to baby’s room. For details, visit

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