The idea to name the company “Thula” comes from an African lullaby — “Ukuthula” is the Zulu word for peace.

To minimize our eco-footprint and to keep the local economy humming, materials & manufacturing will be sourced close-to-home whenever possible. When sourcing internationally, we will do our best to buy responsibly. We believe that these efforts will contribute to peace in communities locally and beyond.

Thula’s mission is to create sensible consumer products for the whole family that are Innovative, Practical and Mindful.

We are Innovative by using new materials or by finding new ways to use existing materials.

Thula is continually searching for man or nature-made materials that offer quality solutions to consumer problems rather than disposable ones.

Fluff, frill and packaging aside –We recognize that our consumers want products that are of real value — so Thula’s designs are Practical by being easy to obtain, use, and keep clean.

Our approach to creating products is Mindful; like you, we care about the environment & our social responsibilities.

At Thula, it is our wish to grow roots that are deeper than a trend. Tree hugging is optional – but highly recommended.

Made from 100% recycled cardboard

Millions of hangers go to landfill every year beacuase they are not accepted in curbside recycling programs. Why not add a little fun to your childs closet with Thula Hip & Decorative Eco Hangers.

Made from 100% Recyclable and biodegradable paperboard, If you decide that you no longer need your Eco Hangers – you can simple recycle or compost them.

Fits clothing sizes newborn to size 6x

Made In Canada.


Available with Microfibre or Sherpa Organic Cotton Puddle Pad

Thula’s Eco Mat provides a comfortable, eco-friendly surface for diaper changes and is useful for so much more…

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