‘Tis the season for…

Organic Grass-fed Beef 

It’s naturally good!

It’s that time of year again! Fall and winter in Ontario are grass-fed beef seasons. For those of you that don’t know, grass-fed beef means that the cows only eat grass and whatever else they can find as they roam free in the pasture. Other cows are usually fed grain at the end to increase their weight and fat content. Organic grain-fed beef is also good for you, but I like the idea of organic grass-fed beef because it’s totally natural, how nature intended cows to be. The reason it’s grass-fed season now is because the cows have been eating grass all spring and summer, and the beef is now ready for purchase.

Organic grass-fed cows are generally healthier, which means they don’t need to be given antibiotics (this is also the case for organic grain-fed beef), and the beef is more nutritious because the cows’ diets are more nutritious – high in vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene and healthy fats. The beef is also very lean (fat comes from the grain), which is better for you, especially for those who are watching their cholesterol levels. Whatsmore, the grass-fed cows are treated humanely, and this type of farming is better for the environment (1).

If you’re interested in trying organic grass-fed beef this season, eatwild.com lists all the farms in every province where it’s available. You can find a farm near you and give it a try!

On a side note: I came across a great article in The Globe and Mail that discusses the recent e-coli outbreak and beef recall from XL foods. The journalist talks about the beef recall as being the perfect opportunity to cut back on our meat intake. Eating vegetarian meals a couple nights per week will not only decrease your risk of e-coli from meat by 100 percent, but is better for your overall health. You’ll ingest less saturated fats, more fiber and vitamins and minerals from vegetables and whole grains. In my opinion it’s a perfect opportunity to make the switch to organic meat – at least you know exactly where your meat is coming from!

(1) eatwild.com
Eatwild: www.eatwild.com/products/canada.html

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