To INFINITY RING™… and beyond!

History is broken. Can these kids fix it? 

Young readers are in for an epic thrill. Scholastic is unveiling a new multi-platform time-travel adventure series for children ages 8-12. Called INFINITY RING™, it’s an action-packed reading experience that combines books, an interactive Hystorian’s Guide map, and an online game experience, allowing young explorers to travel back in time and set history right.

How cool is that?

Revealed in seven books and seven interactive online game episodes, Infinity Ring allows youngsters to discover the past and change it. They can alter the “Great Breaks” – those  moments in history that have gone terribly wrong. Each book in the series contains a free Hystorian’s Guide, a collectible map and game guide that provides readers the information they need to set history back on track in the Infinity Ring online game

The game continues where the book leaves off. Every online game episode, while standing on its own as an adventure, ties into the ongoing plot of the books and allows kids to play as the main characters. Players can explore realistically designed historical locations, while meeting and talking to historical figures.

That’s right, kids will be gobbling up history and improving their reading comprehension skills the whole way along. 

Book 1 in the series is called A Mutiny in Time and it’s by New York Times bestselling author James Dashner. For details, visit

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