Treats from the Freeeeezer

What’s your favourite frozen summer treat? An old fashioned orange juice ice pop, straight from the freezer? Homemade frozen yogurt or ice cream? Perhaps you’ve been trying some new concoctions at home. These days Pinterest is serving up a whole slew of exotic and delectable recipes full of healthy and/or decadent ingredients.

There are lots of new treats to try from the freezer section at the supermarket too. Have you tried these ones yet?

Made from high-quality Belgian chocolate, the new Magnum Infinity™ bar features luxurious dark chocolate ice cream with a chocolate swirl, dipped in dark chocolate and covered in cocoa bean nibs.  (Can you say, “More, please!”?)

And you’ve heard of Klondike Bars™, right? Well how about a Klondike Kandy Bar™, the new love child of a Klondike bar and a candy bar? Made with vanilla ice cream and covered in chocolate, these treats are stuffed end to end with caramel and peanuts.

Prefer something a little fruity? New Fruttare™ Mixed Berry & Milk is bursting with the taste of berries and milk. (Surely, it muuuuust be good for you. ; ) )

Every now and then, a decadent frozen treat really does hit the spot.

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