Update Your Kids’ Bedrooms

Could your children’s rooms use some updating? Tis the time of year to spruce up your surroundings, including those kid zones. Here are some great ideas to jazz things up a bit:

Add a little fun to sleeping quarters with Instant Chalkboard from Appliance Art. The removable chalkboard vinyl sticks anywhere (wall, desk, furniture) and can easily be removed. It’s a great way to inspire creativity. See www.applianceart.com.


Fodeez Frames are display frames that work on all smooth surfaces and can be reused hundreds of times. They utilize a clear film to protect photos and are dry-marker friendly. They can be customized or you can choose from a variety of great designs for kids and teens. See www.fodeez.com.

The NewerTech NuGreen Flexible Neck LED Desk Lamp produces light similar to natural daylight, makes it perfect for bedrooms. Better yet, the gooseneck lets you position the light beam where you need it. See  www.newertech.com.

For sweet dreams, check out the latest options from Cloud b, the world’s leading manufacturer of products that help parents and children sleep. Charley the Chameleon is a cuddly companion for bedtime. It has scales that light up and soothing sounds that help make kids feel safer. Twilight Turtle Tunes T3 features wireless Bluetooth technology and projects a starry night sky to help ease fear of the dark. And Mama Koala plays calming white noise to soothe baby to sleep. 

Cosmic UFO transforms any child’s room into a personalized planetarium and Dreamz to Go Groovy Globes™ are the perfect touch to teen décor.  See www.cloudb.com/canada.

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