We’re Not Blended, We’re Puréed

A Survivor’s Guide to Blended Families
Diana Brandmeyer and Marty Lintvedt
ISBN 978-0-7586-1791-0

American family photos typically feature a mother, father and the children of their marriage. But today, many modern families resemble the Brady Bunch and the Kardashians. More than 30 million children live with a stepparent in what many call blended families. Although each family has a unique set of circumstances, everyone faces similar challenges. Where should you live? Should you change your children’s last names? What about in-laws? Should you have more babies? Who disciplines whom?

We’re Not Blended We’re Puréed asks if two families can ever learn to cohabitate in peace. Perfect for those who feel like they’ve turned into fairytale wicked stepparents, dating couples, newlyweds, pastors and counsellors, this book offers real-life experiences paired with expert advice. Both authors have created an engaging, readable text that is held together with humour and liberally peppered with informative commentary.

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