Why I Wear the Hijab


hijabby Farhia Ahmed

Simply put, the hijab is an Islamic concept that promotes physical modesty grounded in spiritual beliefs. Contrary to popular belief, this concept of modesty applies to both men and women. Muslims believe men and women are created equal. However, since we are physically different, the requirements of modesty are applied differently. I choose to wear a hijab because for me it is both functional and spiritually symbolic.

It is functional in that, just like my shirt or pants, it covers my body to my level of comfort. Not only does it allow me to express my style and identity through the ways I choose to wear it, hijab gives me the power to choose how much of myself I share, and with whom.

Spiritually speaking, the hijab gives me confidence and strength, kind of like superman’s cape. Humankind and societal norms dictate what I must cover from the neck down. I wear the hijab because I believe in a higher conscience; I believe we are connected to a source of power our eyes cannot see. Through my spiritual teachings, I accept that physical modesty is a requirement in my faith and thus I wear my hijab as an outward expression of this.

My hijab grounds me in day-to- day life. It is a physical reminder that I must take a break five times a day, at minimum, to stop and breathe, connect with this power and give thanks. My hijab lets me be me: a fashionista with soul and purpose.

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