Winning in Ottawa

You Can’t Lose When You Support CHEO and The Ottawa Hospital
The We All Win Lottery and the CHEO Telethon make a difference for our families and our community 

I’m a wishful thinker about lottery tickets. When I slap down my loonies to buy one at the corner store, I think I’m going to win. Can’t you hear the phone ring? “Hello? Ms. Dillon? I’ve got some great news…”
Realistically, the only thing I ever won was $50 – at a church bingo when I was nine. (Back then I guess nobody knew it was illegal.)
Today I have no special numbers or routine for buying tickets. But I did buy three for the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery a few months ago and it looks like I’m going to buy more for the We All Win Lottery in support of CHEO and the Ottawa Hospital.
Truth is, there’s no spare money in the family cookie jar to throw around. My kids need clothes. The dog needs an appointment with a veterinarian. We need an electrician – yesterday.
However, one of the perks of being a grown-up is you can make decisions based on your gut and your values.
I do that.
A long time ago, after tumbling off a horse in the Ottawa Valley bush, I spent a week at CHEO. Imagine a small-town kid en route to a big-city hospital, with a mangled shoulder detached and dangling. It was scary.
I can still remember how kind people were in the operating room. They sang to me as an anesthetic was administered. Later, with the shoulder newly pinned back together, my eyelid sprouted a stye and nurses brought warm compresses and steady doses of TLC.

It mattered.

It still does.

Over the years, there have been many trips to CHEO with my own kids. There have also been trips to the different campuses of Ottawa Hospital, both to visit relatives and to receive treatment. From the time the baby swallowed a peach – whole – to the time I was worried about skin cancer, my family has benefited from the health expertise and care at these local hospitals.

They are invaluable.

So the kids’ clothes  – and the new wiring – can wait. I’m putting my money on community health care.

There is still time to get your tickets for the We All Win Lottery. You can order them by phone at 613 730-4946 or online at  Proceeds help fund much-needed medical equipment, staff training and research at The Ottawa Hospital and CHEO. Even if nobody ever calls to say, “I’ve got some great news…” there’s no losing with this lottery.

Wear Your Bear

There are additional ways to show your support for CHEO:

  • This coming weekend – June 9 and 10 – the 29th annual CHEO Telethon is airing on CTV. Running from 7 p.m. Saturday to 7 p.m. Sunday, it puts a spotlight on children and families, doctors, nurses, and staff members involved with the hospital. You can watch it on Bell 229, Cable 7 and Shaw 311.
  • As a reminder of the weekend telethon, Friday, June 8 is Wear Your Bear Day. This year’s distinctive T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and other items are available at Walmart and Costco locations, the CHEO Foundation, and online at
  • The 20th annual CHEO BBQ is taking place Saturday, June 9, at Potvin Arena, 813 Shefford Road in Gloucester. It runs from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and highlights include a beach volleyball tournament, an ultimate/frisbee tournament and a five kilometre family walk.
  • Sunday, June 10, the Walmart Walk for Miracles is happening at Confederation Park, with funds raised locally benefiting CHEO. To register for the walk or get details, visit
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