Work-Life Balance: Making It Happen


It’s far too easy to spread yourself thin with job and family obligations. Work-life balance can be an exhausting juggling act that, at times, may seem impossible without leaving yourself in the dust. Sometimes you need to recharge so you can keep doing what you’re doing and support the people in your life. After all, daily routines run smoother when you’re not overworked and overburdened. And everyone in your life benefits from a smooth-sailing mom.

Schedule plenty of “me time”

Yes, work and family take up a lot of your energy and focus, but scheduling plenty of “me time” is essential to keeping your outlook rosy. It can be as simple as barricading yourself in the bathroom with some candles and a good book, spending some serious time bingeing on Netflix, going out and grabbing a coffee, or browsing at a bookstore. If you can snatch a few blocks of time during your day and concentrate on you, it can really help create a better mindset and keep your head clear and focused. When you have to spend a lot of your time helping others, keeping your career running smoothly and making your family a top priority, don’t forget to make yourself a priority too.

Take a vacation

For the ultimate “me time” exercise, schedule a vacation. Even something as low-key as an overnight staycation can refresh you enough to tackle work again with an improved mood. But why not go all out and book a vacation to really recharge you? Getting away from the city and taking in the sights of somewhere new is exciting and invigorating. If you love the NFL, book the ultimate trip and go see the Super Bowl. To ensure the authenticity of your tickets, your best bet is to purchase them online from Ticketmaster’s Official NFL Exchange. That way you’re not disappointed after making travel plans and booking a place to stay, and you can rest easy knowing that you can get in the gate on the big day.

Create fun, no-pressure family days

It’s easy to plan parties around big events, such as birthdays, anniversaries or graduations, but there is something to be said for impromptu celebrations that revolve around nothing but your family, food and fun. Ask your brother and his kids to come over to watch the game, for example, or have a potluck with the rest of your family “just because.” Create themes and get your kids in on the menu planning and decorations. And even though it can take some planning, it doesn’t have to be a huge deal that stresses you out. If things don’t work out because someone is sick, you can simply try again another day.

Combine solo time with family time

Make a point to have some shared interests with your kids. Family time can be as recharging as solo time if you combine the two. Say you like watching sports together; that’s a perfect time to bond while you relax. Or if you like a certain TV show, you can binge watch it on Netflix together or count down until the new season starts. Time for moms can be hard to come by, so taking advantage of shared interests with your family members is an easy way to make life more well-rounded.

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