WW KD (What Would Kathy Do)?

WW KD (What Would Kathy Do)? Keep Reading

Humourist and parenting author Kathy Buckworth’s latest offering, I Am So The Boss of You, is a smart mom’s guide to taking charge of the family.

I Am So The Boss of You: An 8-Step Guide to Giving Your Family the Business ISBN: 978-0-7710-1748-3

Dear Kathy
I’ve been studying your new book, I Am So The Boss of You: An 8-Step Guide to Giving Your Family the Business, and a question occurs to me. Do you do on-site corporate interventions?

A shake-up from an expert outsider might be just what’s needed around here to usher in a new management era. After all, it’s swell to be CEO, COO, CAO and CFO, but I’m not always sure who’s running the place. The dog? In I Am So The Boss of You, you imagine a world where corporate policies and practices rule on the home front and mom is most definitely in charge. All I can say is “Amen to that, sista!” Er … I mean, “We’re reading from the same page” on that one.

Certainly your optics are great, Boss Lady. With four kids, six published books, some impressive awards and a slew of ongoing television, writing and public speaking gigs, you’re walking this whole family business talk in peep-toe heels and shaved legs!

Kathy, honey, I want to be in charge too. But at mi casa mi zoo the current corporate structure is something of a hairy old boys’ club (the youngest is 17) governed by testosterone and majority rule. Plus, everybody’s bigger than me but the dog. And she bites.

What do you recommend—a review of steps four, five and seven? A family meeting? A business trip?
Please advise.

Dear Pam:

It’s always a challenge to restructure the management of an existing company with long term employees. Particularly when you can’t just fire them all. Teenage boys pretty much deserve an entire book dedicated to them; I’ve survived one so far and I have another tween making his way to those years now. I’m not sure what your major challenges are, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that it might be issues to do with personal hygiene, study habits, video gaming, and appropriate clothing choices, wrapped up in an Axesprayed gangly bundle of smirks, snarls, eye rolling and (most frustratingly) endearing flashes.

What I have learned with my kids is that, contrary to historic thinking, the crime doesn’t always have to fit the punishment, or in fact be in any way related whatsoever. Follow along with me here.

When a company doesn’t meet its financial targets, often the repercussion is that programs are cut. Didn’t sell enough widgets? Here’s what happens: The employee holiday party? Gone. Employee bowling league? Axed. So when an employee (child) doesn’t meet the target of showering at least once every couple of days, take away the car keys. Failed a test at school? Say hello to going to grandma’s for the afternoon. Find those things that you really wish they would do, or stop doing, and keep them handy on a list for junior employee to peruse in between flicking his hair out of his eyes while hitching up his low-riding pants and furiously texting.

To find out more about Kathy and her popular books and articles, see www.kathybuckworth.com.

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