Standing ovation for Sukhoo Sukhoo Couture

By Alan Viau

Fashion Week is a feast for those who love style. And the feast is fabulous in our capital city. Always, it serves up tangible inspiration for aspiring fashion models, designers and creative thinkers.

This year, Ottawa’s Fashion Week was hosted at the Convention Centre, making it accessible to the whole family. For the second time, I attended the final event of Ottawa Fashion Week (OFW). Since OFW is a partner in Winterlude, its all-ages atmosphere was evident as many parents brought their kids to experience the thrill of the show. Young people were wide eyed, gazing at the fashion models as they strutted down the runway. For everybody in the audience, the bright lights and dazzle brought to mind the glamorous world we see on television.

I had the opportunity to take a peek at how Ottawa designer Frank Sukhoo puts on a show. Backstage, the preparations were hectic. From my experience, the scene looked like many others I’ve witnessed in theater, with lots of anxious people putting on makeup, getting their hair done and donning costumes.

Backstage before the show. Photo by Alan Viau

Busy with hair and makeup. Photo by Alan Viau

But the end result was outstanding. Sukhoo Sukhoo Couture presented a stunning array of fashions that the designer says was Asian influenced. He wanted to underline that it was Chinese New Year.

Always, Sukhoo’s tailoring is impeccable and his choice of fabrics is inspiring. At OFW, his models were delightfully playful on the runway and, at the end, he was treated to a standing ovation. Bravo to the Ottawa designer!

Sukhoo Sukhoo Couture. Photo by RICHARD TARDIF; Richard Tardif Photo/SKYFALL BLUE

Sukhoo Sukhoo Couture. Photo by RICHARD TARDIF; Richard Tardif Photo/SKYFALL BLUE

I definitely got the sense of energy, enthusiasm, hard work and planning that goes into putting together a runway fashion show. The kids in attendance seemed impressed with the final performance.

A runway fashion show is the culmination of dedicated hours to a art that captures imagination. Whether you are looking at fashion modeling or design, the glamor of a show (fashion, theater or otherwise) is always the end game of talent, teamwork, planning and persistence. Seeing these values in action is best reason to bring them to a local Fashion Week – so they can experience it away from the TV – seeing it unfold live before them.


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