Fun Family Time at Mexico’s Dreams Puerto Aventuras


by Stephen Johnson

I am not the kind of guy who is normally ziplining across a beach at 4 p.m. on a Monday,  but when in Mexico, why not?

We recently took a family trip to Mexico with our flight leaving early in the morning.  By the time we arrived at our resort, Dreams Puerto Aventuras, it was already mid-afternoon.  I was jetlagged but seeing the beach and feeling the warm weather gave me a shot of energy.

Our son, David, wanted to quickly change out of his street wear and into swimming gear.   We headed to the beach and the first thing David saw was the zipline that ran the entire length of the beach.  He, well, “zipped” to the starting point and was ziplining in a flash.   When he was finished,  David started to ask me if I would consider trying it. Normally, ziplining would fall in the “not in this lifetime” category for me.  Perhaps it was the sunshine or first day of vacation but I decided to try it.  While being fit into the harness, I started to have second thoughts but was given a friendly push before I could back out.  Luckily, the grade was not extremely high and I really enjoyed the experience.  I was also happy to feel the sand between my toes when it was done.


Our next adventure was to go swimming in the Caribbean Sea.  We chose Dreams Puerto Aventuras, in part, because it is set in a protected bay making it perfect for parents with younger kids.   The water was always calm.   When we went wading into the sea,  I never expected to see the diversity of fish so close to the shore. We were surrounded by a tapestry of different colours and types of fish.   David loved the experience and said it was liking swimming in an aquarium. 

Our early morning flight had finally caught up to us so we had a light supper and retired for the evening. 

David woke up the next morning rarin’ to go to the beach again. We had a delicious buffet and then hit the beach. One thing I liked about Dreams Puerto Aventuras was that there was a dive shop right on site. They offered paid snorkelling and fishing trips but also offered free snorkelling gear and catamaran rides.  My wife, Sandy, and I had never been on a catamaran so wanted to try out the experience. We were lucky to get two catamarans with experienced guides and were off on the Caribbean.  It was a totally different experience to be on the water. We could see fish swimming and also had a better view of the community, Puerto Aventuras. Our trip lasted about twenty minutes and it left us thinking about booking a longer excursion.


Sandy and David wanted to keep the water theme going so they borrowed snorkelling equipment.  After about a half hour snorkelling and seeing many fish, they were ready to relax on the beach.   We had a great time doing absolutely nothing. 

After a light lunch,  we wanted to go explore Puerto Aventuras.  The town is home to a large marina. During our walk, we saw fishermen bringing home their catch (including impressive barracudas!) and  pleasure boaters enjoying the day on the water.    

At suppertime,  we chose an Italian restaurant that provided the food and ambiance to cap off a relaxing day.

We finished off the evening by attending a comedy performance in the resort auditorium.  At first,  I was concerned that a comedy show may not be appropriate for a child. Happily, the comedian knew his audience and performed material that was funny  for youngsters and adults. For the grand finale,  he stepped into a giant blue balloon that he blew up with a leaf blower.  I do not think I have seen David laugh harder in his entire life.  His laughter was contagious and soon Sandy and I were doubled over as well.  The perfect way to end our time at Dreams Puerto Aventuras.

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