Family Fun blooms at Tulip Fest

tulip fest



by Stephen Johnson

After so much cold weather,  isn’t it nice to finally get outside and smell the flowers? There is no better opportunity to do this than at the 65th edition of the Tulip Festival. 

David, Sandy and I started off our visit at Commissioners Park. This time of year, the park is a potpurri of colours.  It was packed with other tulip watchers and people celebrating Mother’s Day.  Sadly, our smart phone was not cooperating so we did not get any photos from the park.

This year,  much of the public programming of Tulip Festival is centred at Lansdowne Park.  I had read  there were many family activities so knew this would be up David’s alley. By this point, our smart phone was feeling more amenable so we were able to document our fun.

tulip fest



We started in the Aberdeen Pavilion where there were a number of different homages to the tulip ranging from photos to paintings and real tulips.  David soon found the replica tulips that allowed you to contribute your own drawing.  He also found the Royal Canadian Mint display where you could exchange loonies and dimes for commemorative Canada 150 loonies and dimes.  At first, I had to politely remind David that he had to give money to receive money. Soon after, my pockets were emptied of all loonies and dimes!

We finished off our time at Aberdeen doing a crazy family photo featuring funny hats and funky sunglasses.  It was taken on a green screen with Parliament Hill in the background.  We may have ruined our chances of getting a selfie with Justin Trudeau but it was still a cool photo. 

tulip fest

There is a lot of fun to be had outside at Lansdowne as well. Immediately outside Aberdeen, there were numerous artisan and food vendors.  David found another tulip craft table.  This time he painted a tulip that will be a nice keepsake. After the vendors tent,  we wandered around the Lansdowne lawn.  A highlight for David was seeing a giant map of Canada that had been filled in with painted tulips.  I was somewhat nervous that David might trip and wipe out half the tulips in Ontario but everything was fine.

We plan to return to Lansdowne on May 21st for the fireworks display.  It should be noted, there is an admission of $15 dollars for adults to enter the activities at Lansdowne Park.  Of course, seeing the tulips at Commissioners Park and around the city is free. For more details about the tulip fest, visit

tulip fest

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