Zip Away at Camp Fortune Aerial Park

Camp Fortune Aerial Park

by Stephen Johnson

This past new year, I made two resolutions I knew I could keep: attend more REDBLACKS football games and visit Gatineau Park regularly. Since football season has not yet started,  the May long weekend seemed like the perfect time to head to Gatineau Park. 

The day we visited the park, many of the roadways were closed for an athletic competition. Luckily, we were able to make it to our destination, Camp Fortune Aerial Park.  The attraction offers an elevated obstacle course and ziplines for both adults and children. As soon as we arrived at the park, David was immediately ready to go ziplining. First, though, we had to check in and get outfitted with equipment.   

Camp Fortune Aerial Park

Camp Fortune Aerial Park

Once David was properly geared up,  we were greeted by a friendly guide who led our group to the aerial park.  The guide provided detailed safety instructions and soon enough, David was climbing the ladder to start the obstacle course. 

I was impressed that the course provided enough challenge but was not overwhelming for kids. David was quickly scampering through tunnels and walking across high wires. He reminded me of a circus acrobat.  My wife and I followed underneath to give us, not David, the added feeling of security.  Instructors were always nearby providing assistance when needed and making sure everyone was safe.

David got to his first zipline.  He confidently attached himself and went zipping away.  In total, the course took about forty-five minutes to complete. David said it provided the perfect level of challenge  and in a few years, he wants to try the adult course.  I am proud that David has not inherited my fear of heights.

After the aerial park,  we had planned on going frog-catching but the road to the lake was closed. I would recommend bringing bug spray as the aerial park experience is obviously outdoors so mosquitoes and flies can be a factor.  As mentioned, there are obstacle courses and ziplines for both children and adults so it is the perfect activity for the entire family.

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