5 Gift Ideas For The New Adult In The Family

One of the hardest things for parents to do is say goodbye when their kids move out of the nest. One way to ease some of those emotions is by giving them a gift that will help with the transition to adulthood. Here are five ideas to consider:

A style and etiquette guide

Author Glenn O’Brien, who doubles as “The Style Guy” in GQ magazine, is considered one of the top style and etiquette gurus in North America. His advice column started in Details magazine in 1996 before moving to its permanent home in GQ.

His book, “How To Be A Man: A Guide To Style And Behavior For The Modern Gentleman,” is a sartorial, witty guide that covers just about every subject a coming-of-age young man will need. Chapter four, for instance, is simply entitled “How To Be Polite.” It urges the modern Millennial to convey old school habits, like always saying thank you, acknowledging people you know, and being extremely polite to service employees.

This book is great for young women as well. Kate Moss, in a review of the book, said if more men were like O’Brien, women would not always have to explain their actions and feelings to boyfriends and husbands.

Business Attire

Many 18-year-olds head straight to college after graduating high school. But there are others who either enter the business world directly or become entrepreneurs who will need venture capital to get their enterprises off the ground. Now is a good time to get them their first suit.

Le Château and Mexx are two places in Ottawa to find the perfect business outfit for young men and women. If you know all their dimensions, Macy’s now ships to Ottawa as well. Those on a budget can check out the Salvation Army on Leeds Avenue. It’s always recommended to have thrift store clothing dry cleaned and pressed for both good looks and sanitation.

Identity Theft Protection

Credits cards, bank accounts, and auto loans are part of the coming of age process. Unfortunately identity theft is also a reality that must be dealt with in adulthood. Canadian Identity fraud victims lost over $11 million in 2013, according to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center. The good news is that amount is about $5 million less than identity fraud victims lost the year prior, mostly because of more widespread awareness about the problem.

A subscription to Lifelock is a great gift for young adults. It monitors credit reports for suspicious activity and helps restore your good name in the unfortunate event you become a victim. The standard plan is only about $100 per year, which is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Home Cooking

This one may sound a bit old fashioned, but as the years pass they’ll appreciate it more. Make sure to include all of their favorite foods that only a parent could know. Secretly invite a few good friends over and prepare a feast fit for royalty, complete with cake and ice cream. This may be the last time you get to treat your adult baby to home cooking for a while, so make it count.

Cash Money

Elaine made it perfectly clear to Jerry in an episode of “Seinfeld” that cash is bad gift idea for older adults who want something more thoughtful on their birthdays. But 18-year-olds are still young enough to appreciate currency.

Consider making a few payments on their car note to get them ahead. Gift cards to their favorite department stores are also great ideas.

Of course every gift should be followed by a big hug and kiss to let them know they’re never too old for parental affection.

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