5 quick tips for healthy winter skin

(NC) A plan of action to combat dryness requires far more than slathering the body with lotion. Healthy skin calls for both internal and external care, especially in months of prolonged cold weather. Here are five of best ways to do it:

1. Hydrate – Drinking water is more important than ever during the winter. Staying properly hydrated internally is not only essential for good health, it also helps to keep the body energized as it fights off illness as well as dehydration, while promoting blood circulation to the skin. Advancements today help. For example, using the Brita Water Filtration System makes it easy to get eight to 10 glasses of great tasting water a day. .

2. Eat Healthy – Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can improve skin conditions in a matter of weeks. Incorporating foods like salmon, walnuts, olive oil, kidney beans and flaxseeds in our diets not only contributes to skin appearing rejuvenated but also to a sense of overall well-being.

3. Moisturize – A heavier moisturizer can act as a barrier between skin and the cold elements when outdoors, and as a protectant from the dry heat indoors. Moisturize skin immediately after showering to seal in dampness.

4. Break a Sweat – Sweating is a natural way of eliminating toxic chemicals that can build up under the skin. Regular exercise maintains healthy circulation and blood flow throughout the body – essential for glowing skin.

5. Invest – A humidifier is a great way to reintroduce moisture back into the home where many dry skin problems occur. Leave it on at night while sleeping and reap the benefits all season long through regular use.

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