After-March-Break Retreat for Parents

March Break is nearly upon us. Families are anticipating this year’s southbound pilgrimage or trek to day camps. Either way, there’s quite an undertaking in the offing. So when the kids return to school, it’s not unusual for parents to feel exhausted from all the daily scrambling and commotion.
If you’re bracing yourself for the whirlwind of activities, odds are that you could use a special time to recharge yourself after it’s all done. How about a day of yoga and reflection at the scenic Le Belvedere in Wakefield, Quebec?
Now that’s an appealing  remedy for the after-march break slump.
Certified Yoga Teacher Dr Alan Viau is hosting this wonderful spring yoga retreat at the lovely Le Belvedere on March 26. And you’re invited. Prana Yoga Awakening 2017 Spring Retreat will focus on relaxation. It will be a period of mindfulness, reflection on personal growth, community and good food.
I’ve been dreaming of hosting a yoga retreat for two years. I am so excited that it is happening. I have formatted this retreat so that every level of yogi practitioners can participate and will leave with a reflection on their personal growth path for the next year,” says Dr Viau.
The day will start at 10 a.m. with a session of hatha yoga so that participants can ground themselves.
There will be a personal exploration exercise called The 6P’s to Personal Growth. It is inspired by Dr Viau’s cancer journey and the personal growth lessons he has learned. You will have time for reflection of The 6P’s to Personal Growth handout that you can take home.
A delicious East Indian themed light meal will follow. It will be served family-style so that you can enjoy your meal to your taste. Options for meat and non-meat eaters will be offered.
The after lunch class will be consist of yin yoga and meditation to anchor your reflection. The day will end in a social time with refreshing drinks at 2:30 p.m. 
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